111 Affirmations to Tap into Your Feminine Energy

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If you’ve been here before – you likely know my love for affirmations to tap into and channel different energies. I attribute a good portion of my positive mindset to my affirmation practices. One of the ways I nestle into my feminine energy is by using feminine affirmations. These affirmations to tap into your feminine energy are some of my favorite affirmations. I strongly believe that anyone, regardless of gender, can benefit from writing or reciting these 111 affirmations to tap into your feminine energy!

While affirmations on the topics of success, happiness, general well-being and being grounded are typically part of my morning routine – sometimes I just want to feel soft and feminine. Enter: an affirmation practice to tap into my feminine energy. 

As a reminder: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! Any claims in this article are based on my personal experience and research. Please read my full medical disclaimer before engaging with my content, suggestions or anecdotes. Also, as a reminder, this post contains affiliate links to certain products and I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) if you make a purchase based off of my wonderful suggestions. 

What Does “Tapping into Your Feminine Energy Look Like?

Tapping into our feminine energy will look different for everyone – as everyone relates to their feminine energy differently. For me? I have a few ways I create the intention to tap into my feminine energy. First, I like to set the mood by tuning into a feminine healing frequency on YouTube (like this one or one of my favorites: this one, which ha heaps of pink sunsets *my favorite* featured in the video).

I often will take a hot bath, infused with different organic flowers to help me soften and relax. After that, I take my time applying a blend of jojoba and magnesium oils all over my body – often infusing it with a flower essence like pink lotus (a symbol of purity and enlightenment) or wild rose (which can help bring enthusiasm to a person – supporting harmony of mind, body and spirit). Next, I make myself a hibiscus-rose tea (hibiscus symbolizing good luck, femininity and beaty and rose connecting with the heart chakra to attract compassion, understanding and unconditional love). Last, I put on something that makes me feel feminine like one of my favorite silk nightgowns or my deep purple velvet robe.

Check out some of my favorite organic flowers, oils, teas and cozy feminine loungewear:

Once I have created a feminine container for myself – I begin to write my feminine affirmations, often by candlelight. Affirmation practices can look different for everyone – so if you don’t resonate with writing, check out my article What Are Affirmations (+ How to Use Them) to find an affirmation practice that feels right for you. 

I, typically, like to tap into my feminine affirmations before bed. The feminine container I create for myself is not only sacred but also extremely relaxing so lulling off to sleep after affirming my femininity typically feels natural. There are heaps of different feminine affirmations but below are 111 of my favorite feminine affirmations to tap into my feminine energy.

First up: My Favorite Simple Affirmations to Tap into Feminine Energy. Short, sweet, direct.

I allow.

I trust.

I flow

I forgive. 

I remember.

Next up: My Favorite “I Am” Affirmations to Tap into Feminine Energy. Also short, sweet and direct.

I am feminine.

I am intuitive.

I am trusting.

I am soft.

I am gentle. 

I am pure.

I am wise.

I am calm.

I am warm.

I am tender.

I am serene.

I am nurturing.

I am powerful.

I am sensitive.

I am wise.

I am pure.

I am beautiful.

I am radiant.

I am flourishing.

I am magical.

I am sacred.

I am creative.

I am sensual.

I am sexy.

I am soothing.

I am peaceful.

I am devoted.

I am a beautiful soul.

I am enough.

I am infinite. 

I am blessed.

I am grateful.

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Continuing with: Expanding and Elaborating on Affirmations to Tap into Feminine Energy

I am loving and accepting of who I am, unconditionally.

I am loving and accepting of how I look, unconditionally.

I am loving and accepting of others, unconditionally.

I am at peace with my body.

I am living in harmony with myself and others.

I am receiving the good in life.

I am allowing the goodness of life to flow to and through me.

I am proud of my feminine energy. 

I am powerful in surrendering.

I am a creative force.

I am powerful in my feminine energy.

I am strong, yet graceful.

I am gentle, yet fierce.

I am a lover of life.

I am living in balance with all life.

I am calm because I know that the Universe always provides.

I am tuned into the force and power of the Divine.

I am beautiful and I create beauty everywhere I go.

I am loving and I spread love wherever I go.

Surrendering and Allowing for Flow are Traits of High Femininity. The Below “I Allow” Feminine Affirmations Assist with Tapping into Feminine Energy Even Deeper:

I am surrendering and allowing. 

I am all that I allow myself to be.

I allow love and acceptance to flow freely to, through and from me.

I allow my creative energy to flow freely.

I allow myself to give and receive pleasure.

I allow feminine energy to flow through me.

I allow myself to feel.

I allow my desires to become reality for me.

I allow myself to be who I truly am.

I allow myself to make mistakes.

I allow, relax, and release.

I allow wonder, joy, and bliss to flow to and though me.

I surrender to the greater plan of the Universe.

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Acceptance, Letting Go and Releasing are all Traits that Fall in Line with Surrendering and Allowing. The Affirmations Allow us to Surrender and Let Go:

I let go of any judgements of myself or others.

I release any old habits and beliefs that no longer serve me.

I let go of everything that is not me so that I can become who I am meant to be.

I release all that held back my femininity.

I let go of negative self-talk.

I release any thoughts, beliefs, people, or situations that weigh me down.

I have released and I am free.

I accept compliments.

I accept myself as I am.

I accept others as they are.

I accept all forms of abundance into my life.

I accept that I have the power of the Universe within me and in that acceptance, I allow everything else to flow.

Another Powerful way to Begin Affirmative Statements is with, “Every Day”. The Following “Every Day” Affirmations Help us to Tap into our Feminine Energy by Reshaping our Reality and Channeling Positive Energy into Every Day

Every day, I am kind and gentle – to myself as well as to others.

Every day, I surrender deeper and trust more.

Every day, I am flexible and flow with life.

Every day, I allow inner peace to balance and calm me.

Every day, I relax, breathe, and focus on myself.

Every day, I receive the good the Universe offers.

It is Vital to be Able to Receive in Order to Tap into our Feminine Energy. The Below “I receive” Feminine Affirmations can Assist with Shifting our Perception of Receiving:

I receive all my gifts – with gratitude and humility.

I receive inner peace, contentment, and joy.

I receive wisdom from my past mistakes, and I move on, gracefully.

I am worthy of receiving more.

I receive unexpected opportunities. 

I am open and ready to receive. 

The Next Affirmations Don’t Follow a Particular Order but Are Powerful Affirmations to Tap into Feminine Energy:

My voice has power.

I remember the ancient ways and ancient wisdom.

The Universe works in my favor when I lean into pleasure.

My pleasure is a beautiful and creative force.

The sacred energy within me is flourishing and driving me forward.

My energies are balanced and aligned.

I effortlessly embody the frequency of what I want to attract in my life.

My mind and body are in complete alignment with the universe.

There is no reason to rush. Everything unfolds, as it should, in its own divine time.

I respect and honor my feminine energy.

My feminine energy is an important part of the balance of life.

There is no need to rush or force. Everything unfolds, as it should, in its own divine timing.

Love is all around me, it is everywhere I go.

The final affirmations are some of my favorite type – affirmations that focus on gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most potent energies in the Universe (in my opinion) and there is no better way to soften into femininity than being grateful.

I am grateful for my beautiful feminine energy.

I am grateful for the love I find wherever I go.

I am grateful for my unique cycles of death and rebirth. 

I am grateful to be me.

And the most powerful affirmation of all…

Thank you.

Do you have any favorite feminine affirmations? I’d also love to know what some of your practices and rituals are when you want to slow down and tap into your feminine energy!

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  1. Esther Puhot
    May 6, 2023 / 5:31 am

    Thanks, you are a Goddess. That was powerful and will start off now. Jah blesses!

    • Jackie
      May 10, 2023 / 8:56 pm

      Enjoy them! They’ve helped me a ton. Sending you love!✨

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