I’m Jackie, and I help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives ~to live their best life~ through the pathway of finding a balance between their mind, body, and soul. 

I believe that humans are all born as a boxed puzzle in pieces and that we all share the same purpose upon birth – to put together our puzzle. And, I believe that our finished puzzle as humans is our happiest, most pleasurable, most beautiful life possible – our best life.

Envision a 30-piece puzzle: there are ten blue pieces to represent the mind, ten pink pieces to represent the body, and ten yellow pieces to represent the soul. This puzzle is the puzzle of your life. You can’t put together your “best life” without finding all the pieces, and a balance, between your mind, body, and soul. 

Jackie is Alive is meant to be a guide to finding balance; built on the foundations of the pieces of my puzzle and what works for me: my mind, body and soul balance, my best life. Much of my foundations have also been built upon the lessons I’ve learned along my journey to find my balance from alternative ways to tend to physical body health, to strategies and tips to master the mind to various ways to help connect with the soul. 

The pieces of my puzzle (Affirmations, Business + Entrepreneurship, Femininity, Nature, Meditation, Routines, Self-Love, Slow Living and Travel, to name a few) may not necessarily fit your frame. Not everyone is a business owner. Not everyone has a deep connection with their femininity. I don’t intend for people to copy my puzzle attempting to put theirs together – my puzzle is fully my own, as yours is fully your own. 

I hope to inspire others to put their own puzzle together by sharing my story and how I discovered the pieces of my puzzle. 

Some of us master our minds and take care of our bodies… but we still feel unfulfilled because we haven’t found the soul pieces of our puzzle. Others of us are very spiritual (soul) based and take care of our bodies… but we still feel unfulfilled because we haven’t found the mind pieces of our puzzle. 

Balance (known as ‘homeostasis’ in science) is required to maintain a stable internal environment. Until we find balance in our mind, body, and soul – we will feel unstable, unfulfilled.

I also believe that the new-age idea of “spirituality” has created an image of what “being a spiritual” (soul-ful, soul-led) person looks like. And, I believe that the idea of spirituality has turned people off to connecting with their soul. Connecting with the soul isn’t a performative act of what we “think” spirituality looks like. For some people connecting with their soul might be cultivating a connection with nature. We’re more disconnected from ourselves than we’ve ever been, and we’re also more disconnected from nature than we’ve ever been. Humans live modern lives which make us feel “separate” from nature, or in some cases even “above” nature. But we wouldn’t be able to survive without nature. Our breath, our life force, comes from the trees. Connecting with nature just by going for a walk through a park or spending some time at the beach, watching the sunset – these are soul fulfilling activities.

For others finding a balance with their soul may be as simple as inviting intention into their lives. If you’re not sure what that means – you can check out my FREE WORKSHOP EXPAND AND ELEVATE WITH INTENTION

For others connecting to their soul may be through learning how to navigate, manage, feel and accept the wild array of feelings that exist for us as humans. You can check out my YouTube video on an Intro to Feelings and What Happens When We Suppress and Avoid our Feelings to learn a bit about why I feel it’s so important to feel our feelings

Vulnerability has been wrongfully labeled a weakness. It’s portrayed as a “bad thing” to have deep feelings and emotions and because of this incorrect portrayal: so many of us run from our feelings – afraid of what they may mean. 

I hope that in sharing my vulnerabilities in being open, raw, and honest with my own feelings and my journey to being comfortable in my uncomfortable feelings – that I can show that there is a profound strength found in vulnerability that cannot be found elsewhere. That in facing your fears, acknowledging the role you play in your own struggle, holding hands with your shadows, and feeling the difficult depths of your feelings you open the door to your soul. 

Opening the door to my soul is when I finally completed my puzzle – a puzzle that I had been working on for over a decade. Jackie is Alive is the culmination of everything I’ve learned on my quest to fulfillment – my journey to putting my puzzle together: Mind, Body and Soul and The Art of Living.