April Energy Forecast + Custom Themed Wallpapers

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One of my favorite things is when the first of the month aligns with a Monday. It has extra fresh “fresh start” vibes. And those vibes are feeling extra extra fresh this April. We switched into spring last month in March. However, as I mentioned in my Spring Equinox energy update… we won’t start to feel the momentum of Spring until mid to the end of April. Here is the April Energy Forecast + Custom Themed Wallpapers.

Before I jump into it I want too remind anyone reading this that you are your own source. What I channel is for myself and I do also tune into collective energy. However, that doesn’t mean everything will resonate. Trust your own intuition as your own source of what is for you to pick up and what you can put down.

April Energy Forecast + Custom Themed Wallpapers

When I started to channel into April’s Energy I heard the message so loudly, “go and re-read the Spring Equinox Update“. I highly recommend rereading that! There will be some repeating themes between this article and that one but that one dives deeper into the themes we’ll be feeling into June/Summer.

The message I heard is that the first 3-ish weeks of April are still feeling into those “end of winter” feels until Taurus season. As a reminder: just because there’s no movement doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Find play, joy and peace in the liminal spaces.

Questions to Ask Yourself:
Can you be content where you are? Can you enjoy the in-between? Can you celebrate how far you’ve already come without focusing on where you want to go from here? Can you find peace in the present?

There may be grief, sadness, anger, frustration, etc that will arise ~ allow it to. Don’t try to understand it. It’s not manifesting because you’ve done anything wrong. It’s not manifesting because there’s more work to do. It’s surfacing to be released. It can’t come with us.

In the past we’ve had to work to integrate, to release. These few weeks are about celebrating the work we’ve already done by simply allowing the final stages of integrating and releasing to happen naturally. Whatever they may be.

For a large group of us our old patterns, behaviors, outdated beliefs, internal struggles, past addictions (this can even be in the form of people) and/or impulses will be surfacing. They aren’t surfacing as a punishment. Don’t try to understand it. Feel into it.

Questions to Ask Yourself:
Do these old patterns feel like yours anymore? They were once your comfort zone but notice if they’re still making you comfortable or if they feel uncomfortable within you. Can you feel into these patterns, beliefs, habits, struggles, addictions without identifying with them? Without adopting them for another go around? Without shaming yourself for them “still being with you”. Can you embrace them as the new person that you’ve become? Can you see them differently? Can you witness your impulses without judgement? Where are you being given an opportunity to re-write a story? Are you going to take that opportunity or are you going to shrug it off because you’re judging yourself and telling yourself that “you’ve evolved beyond those habits”?

At the same time there may be joy, excitement, anticipation, and fresh energies coming through. Feel into them! Allow them to come up ~ even if they come up during a moment of grief or sadness release.

~these contradicting feelings are able to simultaneously exist~

. . . surrender . . .

Many of us have been led to believe that if we’re sitting with grief, sadness, anger or any of the “less desirable” feelings that we can’t touch excitement, joy, pleasure, or any of the “more desirable feelings.

Alternatively, if we’re in a state of excitement, joy, pleasure, etc ~ we feel we may lose it if we touch the grief, sadness, anger, etc.

Don’t allow these misconceptions and misunderstandings of feelings and emotions to hold you back or confuse you. Make space for all of what you’re feeling without questioning, doubting, or overanalyzing the feelings. Your job right now isn’t to understand the feelings ~ it’s simply to feel them.

There is a strong emphasis on tending to our nervous system. A calm nervous system handles everything better. I have a few articles for nervous system support for anyone who wants to dive deeper:
My Favorite Ways to Activate my Parasympathetic Nervous System
Things I Stopped Doing to Support my Parasympathetic Nervous System

Beginning-Mid April:

End of April:
beginnings and endings simultaneously

I send these energy updates each month but also sporadically when I feel called to it (during the Equinoxes, Eclipses, for holidays, etc). Sign up to get upcoming energy updates and new wallpapers sent right to your inbox💌✨

•solar plexus, sacral, throat, heart
•fresh starts
•clean slates
•setting boundaries
•boundaries with self (!!!)
•trusting our own guidance
•following your intuition
•stepping into our soul purpose
•stepping UP
•diving into the unknown
•~trusting the unknown~
•celebrating ourselves
•embodying your truth
•speaking your truth
•connecting to our inner child
• * ~ B A L A N C E ~ *
• * ~ T R U S T ~ *
•remembering who we are

Signs and Symbols:
•1’s, 4’s, 5’s, 8’s
•yellow hues
•pink hues
•door handles
•white flowers
•yellow flowers
•pink flowers

Find Support Through:
herbal teas
hibiscus tea
•ginger tea
•root vegetables
•grounding (bonus if you can ground at the beach)
•REST (this also means rest from screens)
•orange juice
•vitamin C
•being in the sun
•being in the water (bath, ocean, lake, river, etc)
•channeling creativity
•self care
•quiet/alone time
•time in nature
•listening to birds
•low light/candlelight/red light

April’s Wallpapers:

Sharing is good karma!


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