“The art of living is to find a sense of purpose and meaning in everything you do, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.” – Unknown

I like to think of my completed puzzle, my best life, as the art of living. The idea of turning life itself into an artform spoke to me.

As a society we seem to have a real appreciation (perhaps even obsession) with creating “things”, manifesting outcomes, planning our lives, producing tangible pieces of art, developing businesses, inventing products or items, designing new structures, etc, etc, etc.. the list of physical things we can create is endless.

I had been creating for nearly two decades: creating businesses, initiating change in clients’ businesses, forging ahead with new marketing tactics, developing strategies, producing “content”.. and I was drained.

I shifted the idea of what I wanted to create. What I wanted to manifest. I set out to make my life my greatest work of art.

How could I live a happier life? How could I live a healthier life? How could I invite more balance into my life? How could I feel more fulfilled?

The articles under The Art of Living are a culmination of my greatest work of art: the intentionally happy, healthy, and fulfilling life I have created for myself. Many of the things here are small. The little things. And I hope that in showcasing my life well lived that I will inspire you to craft your own piece of artwork. To create your own art of living. To find the joy, peace, beauty, abundance, ease and flow that is easily accessible for all of us – if we set the intention to create it. 


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