Different Traits of Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

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When we hear “masculine energy” or “feminine energy”, our mind automatically goes to, “gender”. However, what I’m discussing is about energy which is gender neutral and doesn’t refer to a “man” or a “woman”. Inside of all of us, regardless of gender or gender identity, is masculine energy (often associated with the right side of the body). Also, inside all of us, regardless of gender or gender identity, is feminine energy (often associated with the left side of the body). Masculine energy and feminine energy have their own traits and it’s important for me to stress, again, that these traits don’t equate to gender. 

The masculine energies are often be referred to as, “yang” energy and feminine energies are often referred to as, “yin” energy. Every person has a different balance or percentage of yin and yang energy flowing through them. Masculine yang isn’t complete without feminine yang and vice versa – feminine yin isn’t complete without masculine yang. 

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What is the Purpose of Knowing About Masculine versus Feminine Energy

Becoming aware of the different traits of masculine energy and feminine energy can help us to find balance in all aspects of our lives. Our relationships with our families, our friends, our coworkers and (I might say, “especially”) our relationship with ourselves can all benefit from being aware of when we’re in our masculine energy versus when we’re in our feminine energy.

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First, we want to be able to identify which traits are inherently part of our feminine energy and which traits are inherently part of our masculine energy. Once we can identify the different traits of masculine and feminine energy: we can decipher what situations in our life have us “in our masculine energy” or “in our feminine energy”. Alternatively, we can decipher which situations require us to bump up our masculine/feminine energy and tone down the opposite.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy, in its purest state, is dynamic in nature. Dynamic, meaning abounding with ideas, enthusiasm, energetic and full of force. The actions of true feminine energy are intuitive sometimes almost irrational and unpredictable – stemming from the heart, not the mind. Raw feminine energy can’t be constrained or contained as it flows. It does not follow rules, societal or structured, as feminine energy stems from the heart and what feels rather than from the mind and what is contemplated. The following traits are traits of balanced feminine, “yin” energy:

These traits of feminine energy can show up in the persona as the below characteristics:

What is Masculine Energy?

Unlike the unpredictability of feminine energy: masculine energy is stable, structured and calculable. The actions of true masculine energy are rational, well thought out and stem from the mind. Masculine energy knows how to apply logic and is actin oriented. The following traits are traits of balanced masculine, “yang” energy:

These traits of masculine energy can show up in the persona as the below characteristics: 

Importance of Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy:

Where masculine energy is logical and led from the mind – feminine energy is intuitive and led from the heart. In finding a proper balance of these energies is where transcendence and fulfillment lies. Knowing when to lead from the mind verses when to lead from the heart is how you begin to integrate your masculine and feminine energies to find true balance and harmony within yourself. 

This knowledge of integration of energies is also helpful for identifying when and where your masculine and feminine energies are unbalanced. If your masculine and feminine energies aren’t in harmony – it’s likely that your life isn’t in harmony. Personally, I believe that the majority of us walking the face of the earth have an imbalance in our masculine and feminine energies. 

The below left traits, which are traits of unbalanced masculine and unbalanced feminine are traits. The below right traits are traits of balanced feminine and balanced masculine.

Tapping into Masculine and Feminine Energies

It’s likely that you (like me) are in possession of a few of the traits on the above list of unbalanced masculine and feminine energies. It’s natural, we’re human and no one is perfect. Perfection is unrealistic but positive change is plausible.

Now that you’re aware of the different traits of positive masculine energy, the different traits of positive feminine energy, as well as the traits of an imbalance between these two energies: you can start to make small changes to work on finding harmony between your own masculine and feminine energies. The easiest way to make a change is to tap in to healthy masculine or feminine energy and tap out of imbalanced masculine and feminine energy. Below you’ll find some healthy ways to tap into your masculine and feminine energies. 

Balancing our masculine and feminine energies is something that is beneficial to our overall wellbeing. Finding harmony between the two energies can help us in nearly every facet of our lives and can overall just make living a little bit easier.

Now that you’re aware of the masculine and feminine energies that lie within all of us – is there any imbalances you’ve noticed within yourself or any changes you believe would benefit you to make?

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