Easy, No-Bake, Healthy “Almond Joy” Recipe

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My sweet tooth has always been my kryptonite. When I started to switch over to a healthier lifestyle I thought that it meant I needed to give up sweets in totality. When in reality I just needed to switch up the ingredients in the sweets I was eating. Most candies are full of processed ingredients, inflammatory vegetable oils and tons of added sugar. But! My Easy, No-Bake, Healthy “Almond Joy” Recipe has none of that! All the flavor with zero guilt.

The Environmental Working Group (known as EWG) rates traditional Almond Joy candy as an 8/10 on their food scale of concern. The higher the number – the more concerning the product. Some of the concerns that they point out are:
•not certified organic
•unhealthy artificial trans fats (palm and safflower oil)
•47% sugar (with 4 teaspoons added sugar)
•has moderate processing concerns
•including ingredients from animals that may have been treated with antibiotics and/or growth promoters

My “Almond Joy” recipe has none of those concerns! All of the ingredients are certified organic, there are no added unhealthy or artificial trans fats like palm, canola, or safflower oil. I don’t suggest adding added sugar. None of the ingredients are processed and there are also no ingredients from animals!

What You’ll Need to Make this Easy, No-Bake, Healthy “Almond Joy” Recipe

•1 cup organic shredded coconut 
•1 cup organic toasted coconut flakes
(you can use two cups of just the shredded or two cups of just the toasted coconut flakes, if you prefer!)
•About 20 Organic Almonds
•Organic Dark Chocolate
•About 8-10 Organic Dates
•1/2 Teaspoon Organic Almond Extract
•Unbleached Parchment Paper
•A Food Processor 

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Easy, No-Bake, Healthy “Almond Joy” Recipe Steps:

First, add the dates, the coconut shreds, 10 almonds, and the almond extract into the food processor. When it’s ready you’ll have a consistency similar to the consistency pictured below.

Next, you’ll take a tablespoon to scoop out about a tablespoon of the mixture and roll them into little balls. This recipe will yield about 10-12 balls.

Then, you’ll place an almond on top of each of the balls.

Lastly, you’ll melt chocolate and drizzle them over the top of each of the balls and then place them into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes for the chocolate to solidify.

You can also watch the video of my recipe here:

These “almond joy” bites are super easy, so delicious, much healthier than the candy and just as satisfying! #healthydesserts #healthydessertideas #healthydessertrecipe #healthydessertinspo

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This easy, no bake, healthy “Almond Joy” recipe has quickly become one of my staples moving into summer. I love that I can have a quick, delicious, healthy spin on one of my favorite sweet treats without having to turn the oven on! You can also play around with this recipe – adding hemp seeds for protein or any other nut pairings/flavorings. Let me know below if you make them!

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Sharing is good karma!


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