Finding My Balance Through My Masculine and Feminine Energies

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Masculine and feminine energies have “gender” stereotypes attached to them. However, when it comes to masculine and feminine energies: they’re genderless!

I believe that gender is so wildly misunderstood and misrepresented because the masculine and feminine energies themselves are so wildly misunderstood and misrepresented. 

When it came to finding a balance in my life – a big part of it was balancing out my masculine and feminine energies. 

When it came to balancing out my masculine and feminine energies a big part of that was learning how to embody two contradicting traits at the same time. 

Embodying two contradicting traits is difficult in this society! We, typically, see things as black and white and leave very little room for the middle, grey, area. 

But! That’s not the laws of nature or the laws of the Universe.

Does it not rain while the sun shines? 

In nature: two truths can co-exist simultaneously. 

Existing as a contradiction has helped me to find a deeper sense of self-acceptance, self-awareness, as well as propelled me in my growth as a person. 

The unhealthy or imbalanced traits of both masculine and feminine energy are traits that I don’t believe any of us want to embody! The more that we resist finding a balance between our healthy/balanced masculine and feminine – the more we settle into the unhealthy and imbalanced masculine and feminine. 

The more I find the balance – the more I shake off the imbalance!

You can read more about the various healthy/unhealthy or balanced/unbalanced masculine and feminine traits in my article: DIFFERENT TRAITS OF MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGY 


You can also watch my latest YouTube video which dives deeper into this topic:

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Sharing is good karma!


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