Group Coaching

a space to feel

I often stress the importance of getting in touch with our emotions and releasing our feelings. I’ve created this monthly space for individuals who may not have somewhere else to go with their feelings. In this space people can come to share what they’re going through, vent about a situation they’re experiencing or even toot their own horn about something they’ve recently accomplished! The only prerequisite is that we allow ourselves to *feel* whatever it is that is coming up for us.

This free space will be hosted on zoom, but there is zero pressure to share. If you wish to join and just sit on the zoom – you’re more than welcome to do that! If you wish to join and would like to share, verbally, but don’t wish to share your face – I totally understand, keep your video off and share in a way that feels right. 

Each month will be hosted on a different day and time. Please sign up below to receive updates about the next space to feel.

    a space for the femme-preneur

    Most of the activities surrounding owning/operating a business requires us to be in our masculine energy. Shifting from my masculine led energy in business to my feminine led energy in business was a journey, to say the least. I’ve created this free monthly space for women who are in business or looking to go into business and want to lead from their feminine energy. We will share any/everything about business ownership, bounce ideas off of each other and share tips/tricks for staying in our feminine energy while building a business.

    Each month will be hosted on a different day and time. Please sign up below to receive updates about the next space for the femme-preneur.

      cooking with the seasons - autumn

      One of my greatest passions is food! From sourcing quality ingredients to eating (of course), and cooking and creating in the kitchen – I love it all! I’ve had so many inquiries about the meals I create, how I create them and more so I decided to create “Cooking with the Seasons”. A free workshop that I will host seasonally on zoom to share what some of my seasonal staples are, some of the tips and tricks I’ve designed to create delicious, nutritious, and appealing plates (both visually and flavor-fully!). 

      The next cooking class will be for AUTUMN on October 7th at 4pm (EST). If you can’t make it – don’t worry! Sign up below and you will receive a playback of the class.