How I Reclaimed my Feminine Energy as a Female Entrepreneur

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As a female entrepreneur, I have struggled with reclaiming my feminine energy and balancing my masculine and feminine energies. In my article, “Different Traits of Masculine and Feminine Energy” I discuss how inside of all of us (regardless of gender) are two energies – our masculine energy and our feminine energy. In that article, I also discuss how finding a proper balance of the two energies within us is how we can find true harmony. Many of the traits necessary to be a successful business owner or prosperous entrepreneur are inherently masculine traits, which can make finding harmony between masculine energy and feminine energy as a female entrepreneur or business owner a difficult task. Working on reclaiming my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur has been a fruitful journey – enhancing not only my businesses success but all aspects of my life.

As a little background, for those who are unfamiliar with the work that I do, I have two main businesses. I am a business consultant and coach (you can read more about my consulting and coaching services here) for individuals who need assistance with big picture aspects of their business such as startup, setup, strategy, and social media, etc. I also have a business management company – where we manage clients entire businesses helping them in everything from daily operations to employee/contractor hiring to business-to-business contract negotiations and more. As an entrepreneur, I also have my hand in a few other endeavors, as well, however these are the main businesses I deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Over the last three or so years I’ve reprogrammed my mind, body and soul to find the perfect balance (my perfect balance) of masculine and feminine energies for me to be a successful entrepreneur. Channeling my feminine energy into my businesses has made business ownership and entrepreneurship an easier and more joyous ride. Below are some of the things I’ve shifted in my life and my businesses to reclaim my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur.

How I Reclaimed my Feminine Energy as a Female Entrepreneur:

Cancelled Mondays

I’ve always had a healthy relationship with Monday’s. Where many people seem to see “doom and gloom” – I’ve always seen opportunity and excitement, a fresh start, and a new clean slate. However, capitalist (masculine) culture painted a false picture that to ‘set the tone’ for the week, we needed to accomplish more and produce as much as possible on Monday. 

My response to this? I cancelled the traditional “hustle hard” Monday and started treating my Mondays more like how society typically treats Sunday: slow, intentional, easeful, restful. On Mondays I enjoy my full morning routine – starting my day off deliberately and mindfully and catering my morning to my wellbeing. 

Business continues as normal on Mondays for most of the world and just because I have cancelled Monday doesn’t mean that the individuals or businesses that my management clients are in contract or negotiations with have cancelled Monday, as well. So, I do check in on the email inbox for those clients, ensuring contracts are signed and anything that requires immediate attention is handled. However, I don’t log into my emails until after my morning routine is complete and I’ve had breakfast and tended to my mind, body and soul. 

I try to avoid setting any zoom calls or meetings for those contract negotiations and I have also completely blocked out Monday’s on my calendar for all clients (consulting, coaching or management.) 

I found that starting Monday slowly and intentionally has set my weeks up to be even more productive than when I would try to jam-pack my Monday with tasks to seem productive. My Sunday Routine really sets the tone for an easeful Monday. With everything in its place, neat and orderly – I wake up on Monday and don’t feel like I need to do anything. In that abundance of space, I find that the tasks and work for the week ahead flow to me. I set myself up with my weekly to-do list and often find that in that undisturbed space I can outline much of my work and accomplish much more.

Eliminated Daily To-Do’s

I mentioned above that I set myself up with a “weekly to do list”. One of the things that I’ve done to reclaim my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur is to make more space for flow. I find that daily to-do lists are a bit too restrictive and forceful. Instead of trying to put pressure on myself to “finish this task today” – I create a weekly to-do list on Monday: noting the things I need to accomplish before the weeks end.

With a weekly to-do list at hand, I can allow for the work to flow to me as the week goes on. I work on the tasks I feel inspired to work on when I feel inspired to do so instead of trying to force the work when I’m not really feeling it.  

Stopped Strict Schedules

Piggybacking off cancelling Monday’s and eliminating daily to-do lists – I also eradicated all strict schedules and instead started scheduling around my menstrual cycle. As a woman my hormonal profiles change as my cycle changes and scheduling my business endeavors around that cycle just made sense. 

Most business advise is catered to men – who have a 24-hour hormonal cycle. They can wake up and start over. Whereas women have a 28-day hormonal cycle. Expecting every day to be to have the same level of motivation and output is setting us up for failure. This topic is so important that I wrote an entire article on How to Make Your Cycle Work for you as a Female Business Owner.

Following and flowing with my natural cycle instead of forcing a strict schedule has helped me immensely in finding balance and reclaiming my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur.

Found More Creativity in My Life

When you hear “creativity” in an article about entrepreneurship and business ownership – I’m sure your mind goes straight to creativity as it correlates to a business. However, to soften into my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur – I found creative endeavors that have nothing to do with my business and more importantly creative endeavors I have no desire to monetize.

I started channeling my creativity into different aspects of my life just because it makes me feel good. Our creative center, the sacral chakra, correlates to joy and pleasure. Finding healthy creative outlets helps to release any unhealthy or excessive desires for pleasure. For me, finding creative outlets outside of my business and not in the name of, “productivity” helped to heal my rocky relationship with food. In the past, if I were feeling down or sad I would tun to food (specifically sweets) to fulfill that desire for pleasure. I would sometimes binge eat for days or weeks at a time and wouldn’t come back up for air until I had gained 10-20 pounds and realized I needed to make a change.

Creating, for fun, helped me to balance out my sacral chakra and find joy in the everyday. Some of the ways I create for pleasure are painting, photography, and playing with florals (making different flower arrangements and bouquets). I also love to channel my inner child, put on some fun music and dance around like no one is watching while singing at the top of my lungs. Harnessing that creative movement is a fun way to add more play into my life. 

Honoring and respecting my body and not abusing it when I’m not feeling great has also helped me to balance out my sacral chakra. This balance has also given me an appreciation for life that I never had before. I can find joy and pleasure in “The Little Things” and is one of the reasons I started my “Things I Loved” series – wrapping up the big and small things I loved each month, like in September 2022 and October 2022.

Started Listening to my Intuition, Even if it Would “Hurt” my Business

I feel like we all know that ‘gut feeling’, whether it’s in business or just in life. I really started reclaiming my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur by following those gut pulls, the nudges from my intuition, even when it didn’t “make sense” for my business.

Earlier this year I made the choice to let go of a six-figure client in my management company. Of course, losing that amount of income was a huge blow to my businesses bottom line. But I couldn’t ignore where my intuition was guiding me. Strictly looking at the business aspect of this decision – it didn’t make sense. I had the time and resources to cater to this client and the income was great. However, the client also required a lot of energy so even if the interaction was less than an hour per day – it would take me a day or two to recover from, energetically. 

Freeing up the space has created so many more opportunities for me to pursue endeavors I’m passionate about – I wouldn’t be here writing this article if I hadn’t followed my intuition earlier in the year! Putting my faith into my intuition has yielded amazing results for both me and my business. Trusting that it will all work out by following those intuitive nudges, even when you can’t see or understand how, is a huge aspect of reclaiming feminine energy as a female business owner.

Stopped Glorifying “The Hustle”

cringe at how I used to glorify working hard. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in hard work but I no longer glorify struggle or “hustling”. I used to believe that if I didn’t work 12-15 hour days, seven days a week, I wouldn’t find success. I also believed that I had to put in those ridiculous hours in order to be worthy of success. However, now I believe in feminine flow versus masculine force. I am just as worthy of success after having worked soft four-five hour days! 

Working smarter, not harder is my goal – not showing off to social media “how hard I hustled to get here”. I want to enjoy my life and while my businesses are the facilitator of the life I love – I don’t need to break myself for this work. 

Slowed Down + Allowed for Flow

Letting go of hustle culture created the perfect environment for me to slow down and allow for flow into my life. A state of ease and flow is the natural state of femininity so allowing for ease and flow into my businesses naturally assisted with reclaiming my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur.

What does flow look like in a business? For me it means slowing down. When an idea comes to me, instead of trying to map it all out straight away and forcing the idea to be built – I simply jot the idea down in a notebook and allow the rest to flow to me, intuitively. Elaborations on the idea will naturally come to me in the days that follow. 

Sometimes, these messages come to me in the shower, other times while I’m in a yin-yoga practice, oftentimes they come during mediations. To make sure I remember the message (they tend to go away just as quickly as they come) I always keep a little notebook with me – by my bedside, in yoga classes, next to the shower, etc. Some will suggest jotting down the messages in your phone, however, I find that the moment I go onto the phone – the message changes, morphs or even disappears completely. As such, I find a notebook to be the best way to note these channeled messages. 

This is something I teach all my coaching clients, as well. A lot of us have been conditioned by capitalist society and hustle culture which makes allowing for flow feel wrong. However, I set up all my coaching clients with their own plan of action that naturally allows for flow. At first, it can feel counter intuitive not to hit the ground running but by the end of our 3–6-month programs, working smarter – not harder, allowing for flow becomes a natural state of being. 

Found Feminine Community – Outside of Entrepreneurial Communities

Finding feminine community has been a massive facilitator in reclaiming my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur. While I love discussing business with fellow female entrepreneurs – sometimes we just need girl talk. Finding community while bouncing around the globe (I’ve lived in three different countries this year!) was something that seemed daunting at first but, alas, we have the interwebs.

I found Kiki’s Slow Beauty Immersion (both a forum and the community, Slow Beauty Lounge, on Twitter) earlier this year when I mentioned to a friend that I was interested in creating some new beauty rituals. They suggested joining her forum and the community on Twitter, where we discuss everything beauty, health and wellness, has been a massive bonus.

I can’t share what we discuss (what’s said in the lounge – stays in the lounge!) but I will say that having a group of women I can turn to, without judgement, has been super positive for my overall wellbeing as a woman. Being part of a group of women who openly and happily discuss all the different aspects of femininity and womanhood is definitely assisting with reclaiming my feminine energy. 

I’m also a member of the Muse by Midnight’s private membership, dubbed the “Mount Olympus for contemporary muses”. I’ve been friends with the creator of Muse by Midnight for a few years now and she has always helped me to channel my inner femininity. During the C0VlD lockdowns she arranged beautiful get-togethers on zoom to help fellow women stay connected to beauty, joy and creativity. I have learned so much about my femininity from Bella so when she launched her membership platform – I knew I wanted in. 

Muse by Midnight’s private club is for women only and being a member gives first access to private events and retreats curated “with pleasure and strategy at the forefront; providing opportunities for women to develop fulfilling, supportive, authentic, and aligned friendships – as well as indulge and nurture their desire for adventure, success, self-actualization, excitement, awe and synchronicity.” 

Membership to both the Slow Beauty Lounge as well as Muse by Midnight’s private club is granted upon application approval. Please feel free to mention this article if you decide to apply to either groups and I look forward to seeing you there, if you do! 

Found a Peace with Lack of Productivity

Some days just aren’t going to be productive. It is what it is. Letting go of the need to produce and finding peace in a lack of productivity has helped me ease into my femininity more and more. Leaning into the natural fluctuations of my hormones and moods helped me, immensely. Where men have a 24-hour hormonal cycle – women have a 28-day hormonal cycle. I wrote about making your menstrual cycle work for you as a female business owner because it helped me to accept the phases of inactivity as a natural part of being a woman.

Oftentimes, as entrepreneurs and business owners, we judge ourselves based off how many deals we’ve closed, how many dollars we’ve made or how much content we’ve created. However, we are not what we produce! Instead of gauging my success by the amount of work I procured – I started to gauge my success by the moments of joy in my day or the number of smiles I helped to inspire.

Stopped People Pleasing + Started Rephrasing Emails 

When I really started tapping into more of my feminine energy – I started to recognize how different the language (and punctuation) is when men and women email. I noticed a pattern of women overcompensating, apologizing, and using way too many exclamation points. 

I’ve been there before, as well, feeling as if I need to APOLOGIZE (!!!) if I, *gasp* had the audacity to reply to an email a whole business day later. Where these patterns had formed in women – they were nonexistent in men. Ironically, when it came to email habits, I was able to reclaim my feminine energy by tapping into the masculine habits of emailing. Being short, direct, and rarely using an exclamation point. 

I also started to thank people for their patience as opposed to apologizing for my delay in response. After all, I was never truly sorry for replying to an email the next day – I just thought that was the right thing to do because I had been conditioned, as a woman, to apologize a bunch more than necessary. Taking a moment to step back and see how I can rephrase a sentence or two is one small but impactful way that I have been able to reclaim my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur.

Admiring Femininity in All Forms

Lastly, to reclaim my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur – I started to admire femininity in all forms, even if they look different than my idea of femininity. A woman who is truly in touch with her femininity doesn’t judge, mock or shame someone who harnesses their femininity differently. At the same time, a woman in touch with her femininity can hold space for all forms of femininity – even if it contrasts her own femininity. 

Opening my mind to the idea of many forms of femininity, combined with various practices both in my daily business practices and everyday life have added up to a beautiful balance of my masculine and feminine energies. In that harmony I was able to reclaim my feminine energy as a female entrepreneur. 

What are some of the things that you do to harness your femininity or find balance as a business owner?  

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  1. November 5, 2022 / 3:58 am

    Thank you for shouting out the Slow Beauty Immersion!

    I relate to so much of this post, especially nurturing creativity *outside* my business and syncing my schedule with my cycle.

    One of the main things that have helped me harness my feminine energy and find balance as a business owner has been to honor when I simply do not want to do anything, including run a business (especially the socializing part, since I’m introverted). So I intentionally created a flexible business where I have evergreen products and an automated sales system, as well as other income streams. I also avoid situations that involve deadlines, inflexible schedules, and exchanging my time for money.

    I also feel moderating the forum is an inherently feminine endeavor, not just because it’s all women in the forum but also because it’s social, community-oriented, and I invest as much energy responding to what the members bring up as I do initiating conversations or sharing my own work/writing.

    • jackie
      November 7, 2022 / 11:15 pm

      You are speaking to my soul with, “honoring when I simply do not want to do anything, including run a business”. The older I get – the more I value my time over money and shifting my business models into more passive streams *just feels right*. Some days I just don’t want to do it and there’s no dollar amount that can change that. Being able to have the free time to read a novel, simply for pleasure, on a Tuesday afternoon is worth more to me than adding dollars into an account. Syncing with my cycle has helped me immensely on that front – where I used to cancel contracts last minute – now I don’t even have my availability open for those same time frames.

      It’s inspiring that you mention moderating the forum feels inherently feminine! I’m exploring the idea of a community aspect for one of the projects I’m working on right now and I hesitated because I was concerned that it might be draining but you really just inspired me so much! My energy would be invested along those same lines so it seems a worthy endeavor. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment! <3

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