Iced Raw Milk Matcha Frappe Recipe

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I love a good iced matcha latte – especially when summer rolls around. I’ve been making heaps of matcha lattes with my raw milk supply. Given that the temps are now steadily in their 90’s – I wanted to take my iced matcha latte to the next level. So, I blended it! Here’s my Iced Raw Milk Matcha Frappe recipe:

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This iced, raw milk, matcha frappe is the perfect summer afternoon drink. Refreshing, hydrating and also a little pick me up from the caffeine in the matcha. The best part? It’s SUPER easy to make.

Iced Raw Milk Matcha Frappe Recipe

What You’ll Need:

-Raw Milk (or milk of your choice)

-1 or 2 Teaspoons Matcha

-1 or 2 Teaspoons Raw Honey

-Crushed Ice

-Egg Yolks (optional, for nutrition)

Raw Egg Yolks?!

I know, I know, “raw egg yolks?!” Just bear with me here. Raw egg yolks have HEAPS of proteins, vitamins, nutrients, minerals and trace elements. They’re also virtually flavorless. So, anytime I make a smoothie, frappe, or anything else – I always add some egg yolks. You can totally feel free to skip this step if it’s too skeevy for you. But, if you’re worried about illness.. I feel compelled to note that I’ve had raw eggs nearly every day for over a year and I haven’t gotten sick from them.

Raw Honey?

MANY HONEYS are labeled “RAW” in the store. When looking for true raw honey you want to look for the words, “unheated” or, “never heated”. Raw, unheated, honey tends to be thicker in constitution and while it can be a clear substance – it often looks cloudier than the honey we’ve grown accustomed to.

Raw honey has heaps of medicinal and antibacterial properties as well as over 30 minerals (including all of our essential/major minerals) and a bunch of various enzymes. When honey is heated, as it often is in commercial honey production, it boils off many of the health benefits, enzymes and minerals.

So, when it comes to honey? I make sure to buy truly raw, UNHEATED, honey. Any company who is going out of their way to not boil the honey will tell you on the label!

I usually like to find local, raw, honey but when I have to run to a grocery store to stock up – I typically look for something from Europe. The European standards for organics are higher than the US standard. Given that knowledge, we can assume that the products coming from Europe would be a higher quality product than coming from the States.

Iced Raw Milk Matcha Frappe Recipe

What To Do:

This is the easy part: you just place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend! *IF* you want to whisk the matcha prior to adding it into the blender – you totally can. I find that it’s not really necessary. The crushed ice blends with the milk and honey to make the perfect frappe consistency.


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Sharing is good karma!


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