Jackie is Alive at: Le Logis, Grey Goose’s Stunning Invite Only French Villa

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At the end of 2014 I was invited on my first ever press trip. Grey Goose invited me to fly into the Cognac region of France to visit their new villa, Le Logis, for a few days. Le Logis is a private, invite only, villa where friends of Grey Goose and other respected professionals gather to learn about the brand and experience Grey Goose. I have stayed at hundreds of luxury properties, all around the world, and Le Logis still holds a space in the top two properties I’ve ever visited. Le Logis housed a unique blend of modern metals, bold patterns, antiques and charm – everything that goes right up my Alley. Here’s a peak inside Le Logis, Grey Goose’s Stunning Invite Only French Villa in France

As Grey Goose is a vodka brand, obviously a big theme of my few days at Le Logis was, “consuming Grey Goose”. But, what I loved most was that it was subtle so that someone like myself, who isn’t a big drinker, still enjoyed themselves. Much of the time was spent with the drinks as a compliment to the experience. For example, beverage pairings with different dishes, baking fresh bread with the wheat that is harvested, fermented and turned into the Grey Goose vodka, a private tasting with François Thibault. François Thibault is a Cellar Master most widely known for developing the recipe for Grey Goose.

Le Logis, Grey Goose’s Stunning Invite Only French Villa in France

My time at Le Logis was just before Christmas so we even got to set up the first Christmas tree ever at Le Logis (while in possession of Grey Goose, at least!). The manor likely held a Christmas ceremony or two prior, being that it dates back to the 1700’s. My time at Le Logis was one of my most memorable holiday trips! You can see more of my holiday memories in this article of my favorite holiday photos. Being that it was early December and still “technically autumn” photos from Le Logis also made it into this article of my favorite fall memories.

My time at Le Logis with Grey Goose was the first trip of many that I took with different brands and businesses but to this day it remains one of my favorite trips. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my time at Le Logis!

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Sharing is good karma!


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