March 2024 Energy Forecast + Themed Phone Wallpapers

Sharing is good karma!

For the last two years or so I’ve been creating different custom, cutout, “scrapbook” style iPhone wallpapers. These wallpapers were themed on energy I was experiencing or different vibes I was moving through, etc. A few months ago I felt called to take the wallpapers deeper and start sharing them on social media. This month? I’m getting called to take it even deeper and start publishing them here on my website. I’m also feeling called to dig into the energy that I’m tuning into when creating the wallpapers.

I’m also reluctantly being called to be a bit more vulnerable in sharing what’s coming up for me and how I’m relating to these energies. I say reluctantly because ~as much as I do share~ I’m also still a very private person and there’s so much about my life that I don’t share. I know, however, that I’m doing myself a disservice in this. I also know that I’m doing anyone reading or watching what I create a disservice, as well.

I know there’s a facade that my life is picture perfect (and also a facade that it always has been, which is even more comical). But, that’s far from the truth. My life isn’t “perfect” and I definitely experience struggle but the difference with me is that I don’t glorify it. I’ve learned how to sit with the lower aspects of life, without dwelling on them. And (more importantly) without forgetting about the higher aspects of life.

There’s not an absence of mishaps, disagreements, miscommunications, heartbreaks and breakdowns in my life. I simply choose not to dwell on them so deeply that they become my reality. I refuse to engage them further than they need to be engaged with. My happiness isn’t a result of everything working out for me – my happiness is a result of what I choose to focus on.

I choose happiness. I choose joy. I choose peace. Which is sometimes hard to do when experiencing anger, frustration, setbacks, disappointments and more.

And that brings me to the theme that I’m feeling deeply for March: finding faith, deeper. the pathway to heaven via trust.

The thing about the setbacks and the heartbreaks and the disconnection from your alignment is that when you come back to your heart, yourself, your faith, your trust – it always comes back deeper, stronger. And that’s what March (and the upcoming Spring Equinox) feel for me. Subsequently, it also feels very feminine and Venusian to me.

This newfound deeper faith and trust also feels Godly and when I was meditating on the energy it felt very regal and royal and I heard something about how former Kings and Queens felt appointed by God.

Lavishness as a birthright. (Tbh it was giving very much “Marie Antoinette as seen by Sofia Coppola”.)

Some of the themes/colors/items we can find support through:
Gold, Pink Hues, Beige, Ivory, Light Blue
Dainty Details
Peonies/Roses (Light Pinks/White)
Bust Sculptures
Classical Music

The numbers 4, 5 and 7 were coming through loudly.

The theme of SELF LOVE through SELF CARE is very loud and remembering to REST. Remaining true to your routines, sticking with your healthy habits.

You know the routines that keep you in alignment ~ why are you avoiding them?

You know what you deserve ~ why aren’t you giving it to yourself?

You know how to take care of yourself ~ why aren’t you?

New doors are opening for you ~ can you trust that even if you can’t see it?

You have angels all around you ~ can you put your faith in the work they’re doing behind the scenes for you?

Something for the MIND
Something for the BODY
Something for the SOUL

No excuses.

But, also: don’t get down on yourself if you’re struggling with the more active routines. We’re still moving a lot of old, dense energy out of our bodies. This is a big time for releasing which can be energetically draining. Some of your self love and self care activities may just be resting. You don’t need to “be productive” in your routines. Reading a book for leisure is self care. Taking a hot bath is self care.

I also heard something about trusting the rain, embracing the rain, allowing grey days ~ allowing yourself to feel like you have a rainy cloud over your head and to let the water wash over you. Allow it to consume you. Allow it to rain down your face. Don’t resist tears. Tears are healing and regenerative and therapeutic and healthy.

Remember: we are still in winter and we are also at the end of a big transition period. Many of us are on the cusp of massive shifts. There’s still some debris from old energies (that we’ve already healed) being moved out of our bodies. Give yourself grace! Don’t attach to the things you’re feeling. Just feel them and release them with love.

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Here are the wallpapers inspired by the above messages!

I’d love to know what’s coming up for you this month and how this article/energy update resonated with you! Feel free to drop a comment below and share. <3

Sharing is good karma!


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