My Favorite Organic Tea Hair Rinsing Routine For Strong, Shiny, Healthy Hair

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In 2021 I started to go through a massive detox. That detox manifested as physical ailments such as rashes, bloating, and even worse – hair loss and dandruff. I tuned into my intuition for how to care for my hair. One of the first pieces of instruction I received was to drop all commercial haircare. Many of the haircare products we use are toxic and subsequently, not great for our scalp or our hair. I started leaning into, and loving, organic haircare. Two years later my hair is the healthiest and strongest that it’s ever been! One of my favorite organic haircare techniques is using tea rinses after washing my hair. Here is my favorite organic tea hair rinsing routine for strong, shiny, healthy hair.

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Why Tea for Hair?

We all know that there are heaps of benefits to drinking tea. From supporting our immunity with antioxidants to boosting our energy to even helping to support healthy cholesterol levels. However, there are also so many benefits to using tea to rinse our hair! Here are some of the reasons I started using tea rinses in my hair:

Leaves Hair Soft + Shiny

Tea is rich in nutrients that can make damaged hair soft and shiny. Packed with antioxidants that remove buildup, allowing hair to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, tea protects hair from UV rays, preventing further damage and dryness. As such, tea promotes healthy hair growth, leaving it soft, shiny, and beautiful!

Helps Hair Grow

Tea not only prevents hair loss but also promotes hair growth! The caffeine in tea stimulates hair follicles, improving circulation and blood flow to your scalp. This natural stimulation encourages healthy hair growth without causing scalp irritation.

Prevents Split Ends

Green tea contains an ingredient called panthenol, which is great at preventing split ends. So great, that it’s often found in many commercial haircare products! Tea also has vitamins and antioxidants that help prevent breakage and strengthen hair. This amazing property of tea prevents split ends and promotes hair growth.

Can Help Stop Hair Loss

This was one of the major factors that led me to trying out tea rinses! Not only does tea provide an afternoon energy boost due to its caffeine content, but it can also help prevent hair loss. The caffeine in tea naturally suppresses a hormone called DHT, which is responsible for hair loss. Black tea is particularly beneficial for hair growth.

Helps to Soothe Irritated Scalps

In just one month of using tea rinses on my hair/scalp – the dandruff I was suffering from stopped completely. Tea has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the scalp and reduce irritation and inflammation. It also helps remove dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles. This makes tea rinses super beneficial for those suffering from dandruff or itchy scalps. By soothing the scalp, tea promotes healthy hair growth.

My Favorite Organic Tea Hair Rinsing Routine For Strong, Shiny, Healthy Hair

My favorite organic tea hair rinse routine for strong, shiny, healthy hair is a three part rinse. Prior to showering I brew three different types of tea (I strictly use organic teas). After showering and washing my hair I do three stages of rinsing. As you can see below the teas get gradually darker. I start with the lightest and work my way to the darkest.

First up: Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is packed with vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair. It contains beta-carotene, selenium, calcium, amino acids, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. These nutrients can penetrate your hair shaft and provide it with the essential proteins, nutrients and minerals it craves.

The name slippery elm is very literal! You can feel the gel like, slippery, texture that comes off of the tea when its brewed. As I have very fine hair – I only use the slippery elm on my ends. Allowing the proteins from the amino acids to penetrate and strengthen my ends and help with split ends. It’s also very nourishing, conditioning and even helps to detangle the hair as its super soft on the ends.

Slippery elm would be too “greasy” for me to put onto my scalp or roots as a rinse but it can be great as a treatment that you wash out.

Next: Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root has shown the ability to stimulate the growth of healthy hair by promoting the multiplication of stem cells in hair follicles. Lauric acid found in marshmallow root protects the roots and follicles, increasing their chances of thriving. It also helps prevent loss of hair protein, making your strands more resilient to heat. A benefit that I loved: marshmallow root possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in soothing scalp conditions like eczema or dandruff.

First I use the marshmallow root tea to rinse out the slippery elm from my hair ends. Next, I slowly pour and rinse my entire scalp and full head of hair with the marshmallow root rinse.

Lastly: Green Tea

There are so many benefits of using green tea in our hair topically! From preventing hair loss, to supporting hair growth – its no wonder that I was drawn to green tea to help support my hair. Drinking green tea can support our hair from the inside out. Our hair actually grows directly from our skin through our integumentary system (which supports our hair, nails and skin). Drinking four cups of green tea per day has shown to improve our skin hydration. With the understanding that our hair grows from our skin – healthier skin would imply healthier hair!

As such, I use green tea as the last and final rinse of my favorite organic tea hair rinse routine for strong, shiny, healthy hair. Similarly to how I use the marshmallow root rinse – I first rinse the ends of my hair with the green tea. Then, I slowly pour and rinse my entire scalp and full head of hair with the green tea rinse.

Since switching to an organic haircare routine I have seen a huge improvement in my hair! From thicker, shinier hair to a drastic decrease in hair loss to stronger ends and less split ends – the benefits of tea rinsing for my hair are almost too good to be true!

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