My Favorite Spaces and Places to Feel my Feelings

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Lately, I’ve been discussing the importance of tending to our energetic body. One of the best ways we can cater to our energetic body is to feel our feelings. Learning how to feel our feelings is a process. One of the biggest assets we can have to help us feel our feelings is a safe space to do so. Here are my Favorite Spaces and Places to Feel my Feelings.

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Societally, we’ve been conditioned to ignore our feelings and push them away. When we push them away, refusing to feel them, they find somewhere to lodge into our bodies and become energetic weight that we have with us. The only way to release this energetic weight is to feel the feelings we once pushed away. 

You can read more about how energetic debris can manifest in our body and how to remove it in my article: How to Remove Stored Emotions in the Body + Lose Emotional Weight

Getting comfortable with our uncomfortable feelings is easier said than done. Finding the safe space is often the toughest feat. Here are my Favorite Spaces and Places to Feel my Feelings:

In The Shower 

One of the first places I felt called to feel my feelings was in the shower. I was having a tough time allowing the feelings that were bubbling inside of me to come up. I knew I didn’t want to push them down, how I have in the past. However, I didn’t know how not to push them down. 

I needed to create a space where I could feel vulnerable to allow the feelings to come up. So, I went into the shower. Instead of making the water nice and warm.. I kept it lukewarm and almost chilled. This took me out of my normal routine and comfort zone in the shower.

While being in a chilled shower isn’t necessarily comfortable – it’s also not necessarily vulnerable. I took it a step further and sat, naked, on the floor of the shower. There is something incredibly vulnerable about sitting on the floor of the shower. Bonus vulnerable points if you choose to leave the lights off and do this in the dark. 

In that vulnerable space I cultivated: my feelings felt comfortable to come out. I sat on the floor of the shower for about 20 minutes as I felt my uncomfortable feelings, crying through the pain. After I felt it had subsided, I stood to take a normal shower, imagining the feelings washing off of me and down the drain. 

Since my first time feeling into my feelings on the shower floor in 2020.. I’ve returned to the shower floor a handful of times. Giving myself the vulnerable environment I needed to release some feelings I didn’t need with me anymore.

In the Bathtub

There’s something incredibly healing about water. I find that water really helps to aid in support when it comes time to release some feels. Retreating to a bath, allowing the warm water to hold and support me, to release feelings always feels right. 

Sometimes I play a healing frequency while I take a bath. Sometimes I add flowers or candles around the bath to create a calming environment. Other times I use different essential oils for relaxation to promote a safe environment.

In the Ocean or Sea

If bath water can be healing – you know ocean water can be, too! The minerals in sea water have been “proven to improve many health problems”. 

With sea water being so healing – it makes for a great space to go to feel into your feelings. 

One of my favorite practices in the ocean or sea is to just float. Allowing myself to feel held and supported. Even if I’m moving around or being pulled by tides and currents – I still stay afloat. Trusting in, and feeling into, that support helps to regulate my nervous system. 

While feeling supported by the ocean – I also feel supported to release the feelings within me that are ready to be released. I like to envision the ocean water pulling the feelings and energy out of me and washing it away.

In My Bed

I feel that “in bed” is a safe space for so many people when it comes to feelings. Many of us will retreat to our beds when we’re not ‘feeling well’. As this comes so naturally to so many of us – I find it’s a great space to release some of my feelings. 

However, I also do try not to rely or lean on my bed as support for my feelings too much. As my bed is also the space that supports my rest and rejuvenation through sleep – I don’t want to make it a space strictly for feeling into uncomfortable feelings. 

Laying in the fetal position is the easiest way for me to let my feelings bubble up in bed. After I get my feels out, I like to open the windows in my bedroom and change my sheets to move some of the energy around in the room. 

In Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow practice where you hold the poses for a few minutes of deep, meditative, breath. Going into those poses can almost always stir up some emotional debris within the body. When you add the deep breathing into the practice – it makes it nearly impossible not to feel into.

Yin yoga has been, hands down, the best place for me to release my feelings. I often joke that a yin practice without tears doesn’t feel complete. The safe space that the teacher holds makes it feel comfortable to release the emotions, even in a semi-public place.

During a Massage

Many masseuses are well trained in the concept of energetic debris stuck in the body. Often, they help us to release it! If you consider a massage strictly a physical body practice – that energetic debris will reaccumulate within your body. 

However, if you opt to feel into the pain that the masseuse is working out within your body – you can energetically release it, as well. I find that this is best practiced with a deep tissue or sports massage. Which, yes, can be painful. But, you’ve heard it before: no pain – no gain. 

Last month I had a massage that helped me remove so much, that was so deep, that I cried for most of the massage. I felt so much lighter after the massage! The physical support from the masseuse and the assistance moving through the physical aspect of the energetic debris can help you to move through much more in a shorter span of time!

In Expansive Spaces in Nature

Mother Nature is great at supporting us through our feelings. Grounding (or “earthing”) a practice of connecting with the Earth through skin to earth contact (typically done through standing on the earth) is extremely beneficial to humans. Grounding appears to improve sleep, normalize the day–night cortisol rhythm, reduce pain, reduce stress, shift the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic toward parasympathetic activation, increase heart rate variability, speed wound healing, and reduce blood viscosity.”

With these facts in mind – it’s hard not to find nature the perfect place to release our feelings. My favorite practice is to find an expansive space in nature and breathe into the space. The longer I sit, the more I’m able to expand (metaphorically) into the space. The more I feel into the space – the more I’m able to feel into myself, and release.

These are just a few of my Favorite Spaces and Places to Feel my Feelings. I also feel compelled to remind you that what works for me might not work for you! Every one is different. Every body is different. What are some of the places that you feel you can feel into your feelings?  

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