Organic, Raw Milk and Matcha Gummies with Pearl Powder Recipe

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For the longest time I was super intimidated by the idea of making gummies. I let *the idea* of making gummies convince me that it would be difficult. When I found an EU certified organic beef gelatin – I knew I had to try making them. I was blown away by how easy it was! And I can’t wait to play with more flavors and concoctions. In the meantime here is my organic, raw milk and matcha gummies with pearl powder recipe.

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Organic, Raw Milk and Matcha Gummies with Pearl Powder Recipe

I’m definitely not a gummy expert (yet). So, when it comes to the gritty details of making gummies – I suggest finding another resource because there are a ton of little rules to making gummies (not being able to mix gelatin with pineapple, for example). When I was exploring recipes online it seems there’s quite a few ways to make them. The way I’m presenting in this seems to be the easiest way and it worked for me!

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What You’ll Need:
•Small Stainless Steel or Ceramic non-stick Pot
•Silicone Candy Molds
•Stainless steel whisk

•2 cups raw milk (or milk of choice)
•7 tablespoons beef gelatin powder
•2 tablespoons organic matcha
•2 tablespoons raw honey
•1 tablespoon pearl powder
•1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
•1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
•sprinkle of cardamom
•sprinkle of nutmeg

A note about the flavor:

When it comes to the cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg – those are my preferred flavors! You can *totally* adapt this recipe to your own likes.. adding or subtracting what flavors would be best for you. If the concept of working on the fly with flavors is a little intimidating to you – don’t stress! I created a free seasonal cooking workshop which covers the basics of:
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•important nutrients, minerals, enzymes for autumn

I will also teach you how to:
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•make your own delicious/nutritious meals 
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You can access and download that workshop for free by clicking through this link.

1⃝ First mix one cup of milk with the matcha and one tablespoon of raw honey – whisk together in a pot over a low heat until it is warm (not boiling!!!).

2⃝ Next remove the pot from the stove top and begin to whisk in 3.5 tablespoons of the beef gelatin (one tablespoon at a time). Whisk for a few minutes.

3⃝ Pour matcha-milk-gelatin-honey blend into silicone molds (make sure to leave room for the milk layer!) and set in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

4⃝ Begin again: whisking the second cup of milk with vanilla, cinnamon, honey, cardamom and nutmeg in a pot over a low heat until it’s warm (not boiling!!!).

5⃝ Next remove the silicone molds from the fridge and set aside.

6⃝ Remove the pot from the stove top and begin to whisk in 3.5 tablespoons of the beef gelatin (one tablespoon at a time). Whisk for a few minutes.

7⃝ Pour the milk mixture into the silicone molds on top of the matcha layer – they will bind together!

8⃝ Sprinkle the top of the gummies with pearl powder prior to placing back in the fridge – allow to set for at least an hour.

9⃝ Remove from the molds, sit back and enjoy!

And that’s it! If you’re shocked at how simple that seems – join the club. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I hope you also choose to experiment and play around with the flavors and spices. Drop a comment below and let me know if you make them, how you adapt them and how they come out!

Sharing is good karma!


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