Passion Versus Purpose: The Mixup That is Holding Us Back From (What I Believe) Our True Purpose Is

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Today I posed a new YouTube Video: “Passion Versus Purpose: The Mixup That is Holding us Back from (What I believe) Our True Purpose Is. (Linked below.) I believe that every human on this planet has the same purpose, to become the best version of themselves: whatever that may look like. For so long I, wrongfully, believed my purpose was about what I was doing for work because I was passionate about my work. I believe that social media has misconstrued “passions” for “purpose” and that we ultimately hold ourselves back from our “purpose” by putting ourselves into a “passionate” box. I hope to open your eyes to the rhetoric change I believe needs to happen on the topics of “passion” and “purpose”!

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Sharing is good karma!


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