Self Care Ideas for Spring

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I wrote about the things I’m doing this Spring to support my mind, body and soul earlier this week. However, I know the idea of catering your self care to the mind/body/soul can be daunting for some. It was for me in the past! I decided to round up some self care ideas for Spring for anyone looking for some small shifts to make this Spring. Catering your self care routine to the season is a great way to connect to the natural order of the earth. Here are some self care ideas for Spring:

As a reminder: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! Any claims in this article about self care ideas for spring are based on my personal experience and research. Please read my full medical disclaimer before engaging with my content or anecdotes. Also, as a reminder, this post may contain affiliate links to certain products and I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) if you make a purchase based off of my wonderful suggestions. 

Self Care Ideas for Spring

Connect with Flowers

If you’re new here I’m letting you in on a little secret… Flowers are one of my favorite things! I love flowers so much. I believe flowers are one of the ways that we can truly know beauty is a birthright for us. Flowers bloom so beautifully and so naturally. We don’t have to make any financial investment to enjoy flowers. We can simply walk outside! Connecting with flowers is a great self care idea for Spring as so many flowers come into bloom for us to enjoy.


I love gardening! I think gardening is one of the best ways to connect to the earth and find alignment with the seasons which makes it a great self care idea for Spring. If you want to *dig deeper* (pun intended, lol) into you can watch a vlog I made recently where I garden a bit and discuss why I love it so much here.

Spend More Time Outside

Spending more time outside just feels right as a self care idea for Spring. The air is warmer. The sun is stronger. And connecting to the earth is great for the mind, body, and especially the soul. I learned the importance of spending time outside when I was living in Italy and it’s one of 19 Life Lessons I Learned from my Time in Italy! Spending more time in nature is one of the things I’m doing this Spring to support my mind, body and soul because it’s an easy way to recharge and rejuvenate.

Self Care Ideas for Spring

Spring Cleaning

Out with the old, in with the fresh start! Spring cleaning is a great way to channel the freshness of Spring into your home. Rearrange your furniture, deep clean the corners and tidy up your home to kick off the new season feeling organized and refreshed. I made a Spring Cleaning Vlog recently on YouTube if you want to get a little tour of my cloffice (closet/office) and see how I spring cleaned the room.

Yang-y Exercise

I really live in alignment with the seasons which means that during the darkest days of winter – I’m not really putting my body through a lot of stress in the gym. I take a step back from strength training and pushing my body and lean harder on practices like yin yoga during the Winter. So, when Spring rolls around I’m excited to get back to higher energy movements and workouts.

Eat Seasonally

Think juicy strawberries, crisp asparagus, and all the other yummy fruits and veggies that spring has to offer. Eating along with the seasons is one of the best self care ideas for any season. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals available in seasonal produce supports our bodies needs in that season. I’m super passionate about eating with the seasons so I wrote up an Easy Guide to Eating with the Seasons.

Take a Floral Bath

As Spring is still chilly it makes for the perfect time to relax with a hot bath. While hot baths may feel like a winter self care idea… you can tap into Spring in your bathtub by adding different florals into the bath. Different florals and herbs have different properties to support us emotionally and energetically!

Self Care Ideas for Spring

Add Fruit to Water

I love little things that can elevate and ~romanticize~ any average, everyday experience. Adding fresh berries or other seasonal produce to water is a fun little self care idea for Spring!

Try Floral and Fruity Teas

Even though we’ve switched into Spring – the air is still chilly and brisk so I’m still leaning on warm teas instead of chilled beverages. A fun self care idea for Spring is to try floral or fruity teas. I love any tea with rose or hibiscus.🥀🌺😋

I love supporting small businesses on Etsy ~ here are some organic floral and fruity teas for Spring!

Check out Farmers Markets

There’s nothing like farmers market season! Finding local farmers markets, where you can discover an array of seasonal produce, artisanal goods, and community spirit is a great self care idea for Spring! Supporting local farmers and artisans while enjoying fresh, in season foods is a rewarding way to embrace springtime.

Self Care Ideas for Spring

Get Creative

Channeling your creativity is a great way to find self care for Spring. Creative energy is open, flowy, inspired, transformative and joyful ~ just like the Spring season! There are heaps of different ways to channel your creative energy for Spring.

Self Care Ideas for Spring

Buy Some New Spring Clothes

I like to buy a few staple pieces each season and for the last few years I’ve really been leaning on more natural and organic fabric clothing. I believe that the natural fabrics are better for our skin and also better for the earth but that they also help us to connect to the earth in a different way ~since they’re natural~. Unfortunately, many natural fabric clothes just aren’t cute. But, I did a bit of research and found the below items which are all 100% natural fabrics!

Read in the Sun

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. To make my reading self care habit a self care idea for Spring I simply take the book outside. Reading in the sun is a great self care idea for Spring!

Connect With Spring Colors

From trying a fun new manicure color to wearing brightly hue’d clothing to bringing different color flowers into the home there are so many different ways you can connect with Spring colors! I like the idea of adding fun colors into my meals with different seasonal produce. I’m also a huge fan of going for a walk and seeing what colors I stumble upon! (Bonus if you stumble upon colorful flowers.)

Self Care Ideas for Spring

Do a Hair Tea Rinse & Let Your Hair Dry in the Sun

I love tea hair rinses! They are so soothing on the scalp but are also great for the hair. I even wrote up an article of My Favorite Organic Tea Hair Rinsing Routine For Strong, Shiny, Healthy Hair! Since the sun is getting warmer and stronger it’s a great time of the year to spend midday outside. I like to shower around noon and get outside in the high sun to let the sun dry my hair.

Have a Picnic

There’s nothing quite as “quintessential Spring” as a picnic! I found some of the CUTEST picnic baskets. Including a Bridgerton themed picnic basket, a heart shaped woven basket, a wine and cheese basket, a trendy black wicker picnic basket with gold flatware, and a wooden basket that converts into a table (perfect for a picnic!).

Some Other Self Care Ideas for Spring

I also created this list of other self care ideas for Spring!

  • Take a digital detox day
  • Practice gratitude journaling (I’m a huge fan of gratitude journaling and believe it’s one of the most powerful subconscious re-programming tools! You can read about how gratitude journaling changed my life here.)
  • Try aromatherapy with spring scents
  • Explore a new hiking trail
  • Schedule a massage or spa day
  • Volunteer for a community cleanup project
  • Learn a new outdoor hobby like kayaking or paddleboarding
  • Host a spring-themed dinner party with friends
  • Attend a outdoor yoga or meditation class
  • Plan a weekend getaway to a nearby nature reserve
  • Have a DIY, floral themed, pampering day at home
  • Create a vision board for Spring
  • Start a gratitude garden: write positive affirmations on plant markers or paint them onto rocks
  • Take a photography excursion to capture spring blooms
  • Attend a local flower arranging workshop
  • Practice mindfulness while birdwatching
  • Participate in a charity run or walk
  • Host a spring-cleaning swap party with friends
  • Go on a spontaneous road trip to explore nearby towns
  • Attend a Spring festival or fair
  • Organize a neighborhood outdoor movie night
  • Schedule a day for self-reflection and goal setting
  • Try a new recipe using seasonal produce
  • Create a Spring-themed playlist for outdoor workouts
  • Attend a mindfulness or wellness retreat
  • Plan a digital-free day at a beach, lake, river or any other body of water

If you enjoyed this list of self care ideas for Spring you might also like my YouTube video on ways to romanticize your life this Spring!

I would also love to hear in the comments below if you cater your self care, habits, routines, etc to the season! If so, what self care ideas did you come up with for Spring?

Sharing is good karma!


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