When did self-love become bath-bombs, manicures, and Instagram posts?

1 self love through the seven senses

We live in a time where “self-love” has become synonymous with superficial gestures that will only take us away from our heart – not bring us closer to it. It’s time to redefine what self-love means and ditch the performative “self-care” – “self-love” to embrace a deeper and more meaningful form of self-love: a feeling of self-love that goes way beyond external validation.


Are you tired of the picture of self-love that’s been engrained into our minds by capitalism and modern society?

Are you ready to disengage from the concept of ‘self-love’ that was created around pampering yourself with materialistic items? Or the idea that you need to “consume more things” to achieve self-love?

I introduce you to:

Creating and Sustaining Self Love Through the Seven Senses

A course in creating sustainable self-love that is authentic, raw, real and yours. 

Self-love that is cultivated through accountability, honesty, and a deep-rooted connection to ourselves, our body, and our intuition.

I know that you’ve heard, “you have all the answers” or “everything that you need is within you”, yet in the age of information, we find ourselves with less answers than ever. 

We’ve become disconnected from our bodies. 

We’ve become disconnected from our senses. 

As a result, we’ve become disconnected from ourselves.

It’s time to return to your body and claim your power through loving and respecting, all of yourself, deeply.


Creating and Sustaining Self-Love is a three-part course where you will discover the tools needed to build your own foundations, the strength necessary to solidify those foundations and the self-love to maintain your peace a top the foundations. You will also learn how to reconnect with and navigate seven of the senses you were born with to sustain self-love deep within yourself. 

Connecting deeply with my body has been one of the most beautiful ways that I’ve created such a deep love for myself, and the seven senses have been that pathway to my connection. 

Many of us have the misconception that there are only five senses but there are quite a few more than that. In this workshop – we will be tapping into the seven below senses to cultivate our self-love:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Vestibular
  • Proprioception

in creating and sustaining self love
through the seven senses you will:


Learn how to:

  • break up with old patterns of self-hate/self-neglect
  • let go of who you have been to become who you are
  • move through negative, sad, anxious, overwhelming, guilt-ridden, or perhaps shame-filled feelings associated with forgiving yourself for past mistakes
  • find a peace with, and reframe, those mistakes 
  • build new foundations on faith, peace, love & trust 
  • create a life that serves you, your desires & dreams
  • understand yourself, your desires & how to love yourself
  • harness your birthright to pleasure in all areas of your life 
  • find fulfillment & abundance within yourself
  • honor your body & saying "yes" to your sacred sexuality
  • navigate the 8-step 'spiral' of self-love
  • let self-love take you to your depths - where our 'best life' is often hidden in our shadows

beyond the workshop:

Beyond the Workshop:

With each workshop purchase you will also receive resources to take beyond the workshop to help you your own intuition, tap into your inner power and strengthen your self love all on your own.

These resources consist of:

  • a 21-day self-love journey through the senses
  • 333 self-love affirmations
  • journal prompt suggestions
  • frequency sound list
  • Jackie’s favorite positive affirmation songs
  • self-love language suggestions
  • scents + their properties list

    ….and much more.