Self-love Through the Seven Senses

When did self-love become bath-bombs, manicures and Instagram posts?

We live in a time where “self-love” has become synonymous with superficial gestures that will only take us away from our heart – not bring us closer to it. It’s time to redefine what self-love means and ditch the performative “self-care” – “self-love” to embrace a deeper and more meaningful form of self-love: a feeling of self-love that goes way beyond external validation.

Are you tired of the picture of self-love that’s been engrained into our minds by capitalism and modern society?

Are you ready to disengage from the concept of ‘self-love’ that was created around pampering yourself with materialistic items and the idea that you need to “consume more things” in order to achieve self-love?

I introduce you to: Creating and Sustaining Self Love Through the Seven Senses

a course in creating sustainable self-love that is authentic, raw, real and yours. Self-love that is cultivated through authenticity, honesty, accountability, and a deep rooted connection to ourselves, our body and our intuition.

I know that you’ve heard, “you have all the answers” or “everything that you need is within you” yet, in the age of information, we find ourselves with less answers than ever. We’ve become disconnected from our bodies. We’ve become disconnected from our senses. And as a result, we’ve become disconnected from ourselves. It’s time to return to your body and claim your power through loving and respecting, all of yourself, deeply.

In Creating and Sustaining Self-Love Senses I share everything I’ve learned along my journey to Self-Love and how I’ve created a home, on the foundations of self-love, within myself and my body.

Foundations that are solid, unshakable and unbreakable.

Creating and Sustaining Self-Love is a three-part course where you will discover the tools needed to build your own foundations, the strength necessary to solidify those foundations and the self-love to maintain your peace a top the foundations. You will also learn how to reconnect with and navigate seven of the senses you were born with to sustain self-love deep within yourself.

in creating and sustaining self love
through the seven senses you will:

Learn how to:

  • break up with old patterns of self-hate/self-neglect
  • let go of who you have been to become who you are
  • move through negative, sad, anxious, overwhelming, guilt-ridden, or perhaps shame-filled feelings
  • associated with forgiving yourself for past mistakes
  • find a peace with, and reframe, those mistakes
  • build new foundations on faith, peace, love & trust
  • create a life that serves you, your desires & dreams
  • understand yourself, your desires & how to love yourself
  • harness your birthright to pleasure in all areas of your life
  • find fulfillment & abundance within yourself
  • honor your body & saying “yes” to your sacred sexuality
  • navigate the 8-step ‘spiral’ of self-love
  • let self-love take you to your depths – where our ‘best life’ is often hidden in our shadows

Connecting deeply with my body has been one of the most
beautiful ways that I’ve created such a deep love for myself,
and the seven senses have been that pathway to my
Many of us have the misconception that there are only five
senses but there are quite a few more than that. For the
purpose of this workshop – we will be tapping into the seven
below senses to cultivate our self-love.


Sight is argued to be one of the most complex of the senses because we all have two aspects of sight. “Sight” and “vision”. Sight is the ability to see around you, the ability to see color, brightness, depth. Vision, a metaphysical concept, is how the mind perceives what the eyes see. Sight allows someone to see what is going on and vision gives the seer an understanding of the significance of what they’re seeing. 

In the “Self Love Through the Seven Senses” Workshop we will learn:
  • The importance of both our sight and vision
  • How to train our sight and vision to see the beauty of life that surrounds us
  • How to work with our sight to empower us, to see ourselves empowered
  • How to cultivate our vision to be stronger and work with us, not against us


Our sense of smell is said to be one of the more mysterious of our senses. Our smell can enrich our perception of the world. Scents have been known to be one of the strongest ties to memory – a scent can nearly instantly transport us back to a different place or time. Scents travel straight to the brain’s “smell factory” known as the olfactory bulb which is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus (two brain regions which engage with and translate our emotions). It is said that this direct connection is why the scent of something can trigger such strong memories or intense emotions.

In the “Self Love Through the Seven Senses” Workshop we will learn:
  • How to maximize our sense of smell
  • How to work with our smell to strengthen our connection to ourselves
  • How to cultivate scents that promote self-love
  • How to create a scented environment to promote and bring out certain emotions


Taste is one of my favorites of the senses because I truly believe that food is one of life’s great pleasures. Taste allows us to recognize the five basic tastes: salty, bitter, sweet, sour and umami – and there are lessons within all of them. Taste also is the first step of consuming food, a vital life source for humans. Taste allows us to choose foods that are crucial for our existence, maintenance and function.

In the “Self Love Through the Seven Senses” Workshop we will learn:
  • What the five tastes represent, emotionally/spiritually
  • What imbalance in our consumption through taste looks like
  • How to find a balance between eating for sustenance and eating for pleasure
  • How to create a healthy relationship with our sense of taste


Perception of hearing plays an important role in nearly every aspect of our day, yet it is often overlooked. Our sense of sound allows us to interact with our environments, communicate properly as well as warn us of any threats surrounding us. With music, frequencies, sound healing and more (think: comedy shows, the sound of a baby laughing, etc) we can also tap into pleasure, joy, and happiness through sound. 

In the “Self Love Through the Seven Senses” Workshop we will learn:
  • What sounds can assist us in cultivating self-love
  • What sounds can subconsciously harm or hurt us
  • How to utilize the sense of sound to amplify our self-love
  • Harnessing music and sound to empower and uplift us


The sense of touch may be, arguably, one of the most healing of the senses. Touch contributes to our overall well-being as it has been found that touch calms our nervous center and slows down our heartbeat. Human touch lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. Touch also triggers the release of oxytocin which is known as the love hormone.

In the “Self Love Through the Seven Senses” Workshop we will learn:
  • How to self-soothe through our own touch
  • The importance of connecting to our sexuality through self-touch
  • Falling in love with ourselves through sexual touch
  • Harnessing the power of our orgasm to manifest self-love


The vestibular sense is known as the “movement sense”, the “gravity sense” or the “balance sense” and it helps us to move smoothly. An example of the vestibular sense would be knowing that you’re moving on an elevator, even if you’re technically standing still. Without our vestibular sense we wouldn’t be able to cultivate balance or stability. Without balance, or stability, there is no self-love.

In the “Self Love Through the Seven Senses” Workshop we will learn:
  • The importance of stability and balance for self-love
  • How to recognize when we’ve lost stability or balance
  • Finding a movement practice that encourages balance


The technical explanation of the sense of proprioception is the ‘body awareness sense’. Proprioception gives us the knowledge of where our body parts are without having to look for them. This sense helps us to know how much force to use when holding, pushing, pulling, or lifting objects. Two examples of the proprioception sense would be clapping your hands with your eyes closed or knowing how much pressure to put on a pen when writing on paper. I, personally, like to take this a step further and think of the proprioception sense as an intuitive body sense an inner knowing of our bodies.

In the “Self Love Through the Seven Senses” Workshop we will learn:
  • A deep honor and respect for our proprioception sense 
  • Connecting with our energetic bodies through the proprioception sense
  • How to work with our bodies to identify stagnant or stuck energy
  • How to work with our bodies to remove stagnant or stuck energy

beyond the workshop:

With each workshop purchase you will also receive a 100+ page workbook to take beyond the workshop to help you your own intuition, tap into your inner power and strengthen your self love all on your own.

This workbook consists of:
-a 21 day self love journey challenge
-activities to:
-develop deeper presence
-discover your self-love langugage
-multiple activities and exercises for each of the seven senses
-resources to connect deeper with each of the seven senses
-100+ self love, shadow, ego and inner child journal prompts
-333 self-love affirmations
….and much more.