Spring Equinox + Eclipse Season 2024 Energy Update (with phone wallpapers!)

Sharing is good karma!

I’ve been sharing my custom wallpapers on social media for about 7-8 months now. Earlier this month I heard the intuitive guidance to start sharing them via my website (as I did in March) and to start adding some more channeled guidance and messages through to pair with the wallpapers. As Spring approaches tomorrow I’m doing a little ~Spring Equinox Energy Update~ with some custom Spring wallpapers. Here is my Spring Equinox Energy Update 2024 (with phone wallpapers!).

I’ve already begun to feel the shift into lighter energy as Spring approaches and Winter starts to fade. However, the message that is very loud is that “we’re not out of the dark yet”. While Spring *technically* starts on March 19th, I’m hearing that the energy won’t truly feel like Spring for another month or so (looking at you: 4/20😛).

I think it’s important to note that I channel these messages for myself and the collective but just because it’s hitting for me doesn’t mean it will necessarily for you. You can pick up what resonates and put down what doesn’t I’d also love to hear if you have anything to add or any other insights that might be relevant! Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments, I’d love to discuss!

Going into Spring we have a couple of eclipses coming up as well as a Mercury retrograde and the guidance I’m receiving to move through this next month is to:
take it easy
plan for rest
don’t be so hard on myself
don’t overcommit my time/energy
keep my schedule light
expect hiccups
plan extra time for anything

Essentially: while technically we will have switched into Spring on March 19th ~ the energy for the first month or so is still feeling very much like what we expect in Winter. Anticipating that Winter will take it’s time to leave and Spring will take it’s time to come helps me to prepare to manage my expectations. While I can definitely appreciate that the energy feels lighter than it did two or three months ago, it’s not super light. Knowing to expect that it won’t immediately lift to accompany the season change is definitely an asset. Managing my expectations is half of the battle for me sometimes.

Essentially, the Spring energy we’re itching for is saying, “I need some more time to get ready for my debut”.

The other thing I heard was that iiiiiiiiii need more time to get ready for my debut. I’ve done a lot of really deep soul work the last few months (much of which was tied to the heart chakra) and I’m hearing the energy feels lighter going into the eclipses because they’re a period of integrating eclipses and not necessarily shifting eclipses. That being said, for anyone who resisted the work, resisted the lessons, resisted the *stuff* that came up the last few months: these eclipses can also be shifting for you.

Whereas Aires season typically feels like the new year energetically ~ I’m hearing that we won’t necessarily feel that shift until Taurus season this year. I’m hearing that these eclipses and Mercury retrograde are akin to a detour. It’s not a roadblock in totality ~ but a little veering off of the main road before we eventually get to our destination.

Another message that was really loud was, “it’s always darkest before dawn”. Trusting the “darker” periods of our lives (especially if they’re aligning with the timing of ~now~ is imperative. The only way out when we’re lost in the darkness and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel is to trust that the light is coming. If you don’t feel the light with the shift into Spring ~that’s okay~ find your faith and eventually the light will find you.

The last message I heard was a message of intentional polarity. Moving through Winter, many of us went full yin, passive, slow, restful, easeful, trusting, doing the inner work, connecting with our inner guidance. Heading into spring we want to keep the yin momentum but also pick up some yang to intentionally balance out the energies. Adding some yang, active, quicker, more intentional energy into our day-to-day with a focus on the physical self.

I plan to channel the intentional polarity into my life through physical body workouts (picking up strength training in April and taking more ashtanga yoga classes), through bringing more discipline into my life as far as my daily and work routine go and through being more mindful and a little stricter with my consumption (both literal [the food I eat, etc] and metaphorical [the content I watch/read, etc]).

The energy I channeled through for Spring was very child-like and innocent! It felt like a proper “new” Spring energy! Beauty as a birthright was SO LOUD. Spring reminds us that we live in a beautiful world and are entitled to that beauty just by being alive.

Some of the themes/colors/items we can find support through this Spring Equinox are:

Purple Hues
Green Hues
Fresh Starts
Baby Ducks/Chicks

Self Love and Self Care are also very loud. Making sure that we are tending to our minds, bodies and souls. Finding the daily activities that cater to our mind, the daily activities that cater to our body and the daily activities that cater to our soul ~and sticking to them~.

The message regarding self love through self care is very aligned with the message I channeled through for March’s Energy Update if you’d like to go back and read it in full. Essentially, trust if you don’t have the energy for more active tending to your mind/body/soul. If “rest” is what your mind/body/soul is calling for: give it that.

Some questions to sit with to journal or meditate on:
•What changes do you want to see in your reality over the next 6-12 months? Where are you living misaligned with the energy needed to make those changes? What shifts do you need to make to align with the changes you wish to see in your reality?

•How can you support yourself mentally through Spring? How can you support yourself physically through Spring? How can you support yourself spiritually through Spring?

•What emotions are you holding on to that are ready to be released? What energies are you holding on to that are ready to be released? How can you support yourself to release those emotions/energies?

•What does the word ‘beautiful’ mean to you? What is your relationship to ‘beauty’? Where can you invite more beauty into your everyday?

•What areas of your life do you feel need “Spring Cleaning”? How can you support yourself through those cleansings?

•Where are you giving your power away? Where are you relying on outside sources to validate what you know intuitively/internally? How can you tap more into your own internal power and less on external sources?

•What morning/evening routines/activities/habits can support you through Spring?

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I made three sets of phone wallpapers for Spring!

The first one channels more “traditional” Spring vibes. I’m considering this first set to be like an “English Countryside Spring”:

The second pair of wallpapers is more “modern” Spring vibes. This set also has heaps more words on them and direct “messages” to tune into.

Initially, I had made the first two above sets as I published this article. However, before going to bed I had the intuitive nudge to lean deeper into the wallpapers for Spring and naturally came up with some floral ones, as well!

I’m curious to know which set speaks to you more! And please also feel free to share in the comments any feedback (positive or negative!) about the wallpapers or the update in general. If there’s anything you’d like to see more (or less) of in the next update or if there’s anything you think I can do to make them better. In the interim, Happy Spring Equinox!🐰🌷 Sending you lots of loving, brightly colored, flowery vibes for a beautiful shift and easy eclipse season.

Sharing is good karma!


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