Things I Ate This Month to Support my Menstrual Cycle: August 2023

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Eating to support my menstrual cycle is something I started doing about two years ago. It has helped me so much! If you want to read more about eating to support your menstrual cycle you can read my article: The Best Foods for Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle. While it’s one thing to tell you about the best foods for each phase of your menstrual cycle – it’s another thing to show you. Here are the things I ate this month to support my menstrual cycle: August 2023.

As a reminder: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! Any claims in this article are based on my personal experience and research. Please read my full medical disclaimer before engaging with my content or anecdotes. Also, as a reminder, this post contains affiliate links to certain products and I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) if you make a purchase based off of my suggestions. 

Here Are The Things I Ate This Month to Support my Menstrual Cycle: August 2023

Menstrual Phase

During the menstrual phase we want to focus on replenishing the nutrients that we’re losing as we begin to bleed. I put a focus on red meat for iron at this time. I also started August and ended August in my menstrual phase – so there are “more meals” for the menstrual phase this month. Here are some of the meals I ate in August to support my menstrual phase.

Oysters, Oysters, Oysters 🦪🦪🦪

I used Cappello’s gluten free pizza crust to make a veggie pizza. I made a sauce with raw dairy cream, mushrooms and tomatoes and topped it with mozzarella and basil.

As I mentioned – I put a focus on red meat in my menstrual phase. This month I really wanted some potato chips in my menstrual phase! So I had some Boulder Canyon chips. I like Boulder Canyon because they’re made with avocado oil – not seed or vegetable oils. Seed and vegetable oils are one of the 7 ingredients I avoid at all costs – even in organic foods. I paired it with some skirt steak and homemade raw dairy tzatziki (below left). I also had a classic steak and egg breakfast (below right). I cook my steak and eggs in raw butter.

A bit of bone marrow.

I love dessert! I paired two Tate’s gluten-free lemon cookies with some Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream and a bunch of blueberries. When I indulge in sweets I always use smaller bowls so I don’t over-do it.

Follicular Phase

During the follicular phase we want to focus on a simple, balanced diet. We also want to put an emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods. Complex carbs like fruit, starches like potatoes and whole grains are great to lean on at this time. Here are some of the foods I ate in august to support my follicular phase.

I am loving summer salads right now! I made a salad of watercress and micro greens and topped it with prosciutto, burrata cheese, figs and some balsamic reduction.

I almost always eat chicken in my follicular phase! This month I made some lemon-pepper chicken thighs (pan cooked in raw butter, lemon, garlic and pepper). I paired it with a small tomato-basil salad and some avocado and cilantro on top of rice cakes.

Oranges and other citrus fruits are great for the follicular phase. I made some hand-squeezed orange juice this month to support my follicular phase.

Three pasture raised egg whites scrambled with two whole pasture raised eggs. A side of fresh mozzarella with a bit of raw honey. 1/3 cup of organic watermelon with a sprinkle of salt. (Side-note: I didn’t opt for extra egg whites for any particular reason other than I used egg yolks to make mayo and I didn’t want to waste the egg whites.)

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Ovulatory Phase

In our ovulatory phase we should be prepared for sugary cravings! We also want to focus on low-glycemic carbs, high-fiber foods, antioxidant rich foods, and foods with vitamin D and folic acid. I, typically, put a heavier emphasis on seafood and fish in this phase. Here are some of the foods I ate this month to support my ovulatory phase:

Fresh caught scollops, lightly seared in raw butter. I paired it with a peach, mango, red onion and cilantro salad.

A poolside organic mango.🤤🥭

I made a cold seafood and fruit salad with cooked octopus, raw salmon, mango, cucumber, red onion, tomato, cilantro, a bit of apple cider vinegar, a bit of extra virgin olive oil, and flake salt.

I love cold, raw, fish dishes in my ovulatory phase! This is raw tuna, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, salt, ginger, garlic, coconut aminos and extra virgin olive oil.

A quick and easy lunch: rice cake with avocado, canned tuna and tomatoes.

Luteal Phase

In the luteal phase we want to start to focus on preparing our body for menstruation – or pregnancy! In my case… menstruation.😅 We start to crave starchy carbs in response to the drop in serotonin. I like to reach for potatoes and fruit but, of course, indulge in a bit of dessert as well.

I made garlic-y, cheese-y, buttery, chunky mashed potatoes. Then, topped it with onions and mushrooms in a “gravy” that I made from white wine, coconut aminos, herbs de Provence and a bit of oat flower.

Birria tacos are actually a great, balanced meal for the luteal (or menstrual) phase. Stewed beef paired with cheese inside of a corn tortilla and served with a side of broth (full of warming spices) to dip the tacos in.

Potatoes pan fried in raw butter with onions, a side of homemade mayo and prosciutto and cheese stuffed skirt steak.

Poolside lunch: two grass fed beef sticks, a mango, a peach and a tomato, avocado and cucumber salad tossed with herbs, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

I love this healthy spin on “almond joy” candy bars! You can find the recipe here.

My brothers girlfriend came by for dinner and brought me this dark chocolate (gluten free!!) cake. It was so good.🤤 I topped it with some berries!

Just For Fun

While supporting my body with different foods throughout each phase of my menstrual cycle is wonderful… I am also a human! I like to invite ~balance~ into my life. Here are some of the things I ate this month just for fun.

Van Leeuwen ice cream (below left)… iykyk. I got the honeybcomb ice cream topped with toasted walnuts and honeycomb. Good ol’ PB&J (below right) on rice cakes.

Sometimes you just need to have a drink with a friend: an aperol spritz paired with some tuna tacos (below left). A new boba tea spot opened up and I had to try the brown sugar boba (below right). It was delicious!

I hope that this post inspires some meals for each of your menstrual cycles! I’d also love to hear about your experience with cycle syncing your diet to your menstrual phases.💖

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