Things I Ate this Month to Support my Menstrual Cycle: November 2023

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I’ve been cycle syncing (aligning my lifestyle to sync with my menstrual cycle) for a bit over two years. Within that – I align my diet with my menstrual cycle, as well. There are certain foods to support certain phases of the menstrual cycle in order to optimize our health and well-being. You can read more about the generalized best foods to eat for each phase of the menstrual cycle here. And read further along for the things I ate this November to support my menstrual cycle.

As a reminder: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! Any claims in this article are based on my personal experience and research. Please read my full medical disclaimer before engaging with my content or anecdotes. Also, as a reminder, this post contains affiliate links to certain products and I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) if you make a purchase based off of my suggestions. 

Things I Ate this Month to Support my Menstrual Cycle: November 2023

Menstrual Cycle

During the menstrual cycle we want to focus on nourishing and warming foods. We also want to place an emphasis on iron-rich foods and foods rich in Vitamins B and C to promote our bodies red-blood cell production. Lastly, we want to add in more foods with zinc and magnesium.

I made the most delicious skirt steak nachos with gluten free tortilla chips, avocado, cilantro, raw cheddar cheese and a spicy salsa mixed with kefir (below left). I also had some roast beef with extra carrots. I always opt for 100% grass fed-grass finished beef!

Steak and eggs cooked in butter is always a go-to during my luteal and menstrual phases.

Not only did I have heaps of ginger during my menstrual phase this month – but it was also harvested fresh from our garden!

I made matcha and milk gummies this month and the extra gelatin and collagen is a great add on during the menstrual phase! You can find the recipe here – they were so good!

Creme brûlée is one of my favorite desserts and when it comes to the menstrual phase – it’s actually one of the better desserts to lean on! A source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B and calcium.

Other foods I ate during my menstrual cycle: butternut squash, pumpkin, mushroom soup, warm raw milk with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, hibiscus tea, red clover blossom tea, honey.

Follicular Phase

During the follicular phase we want to tune into a well-rounded diet that puts a focus on complex carbs, such as fruits and starchy delights like potatoes. Shifting into this phase I incorporate anti-inflammatory foods, a balanced mix of complex carbs like fruits, whole grains and potatoes. I also focus on probiotics, fermented foods, and fiber-rich options.

I always lean on chicken during the follicular phase! I mixed some raw kefir with Primal Kitchen ranch dressing to dunk these wings in.

Eggs (rip to the yolk on the left) cooked in butter served over fermented sourdough.

Fermented sauerkraut (homemade!!) and organic bacon with some garlic, chive mashed potatoes.

More foods I ate during my Follicular Phase: lots of yogurt, raw milk, kimchi, raw cottage cheese, stewed apples, salmon, chicken soup.

Ovulatory Phase

In the ovulatory phase, we tend to experience a boost in energy and libido, which can come with sugar cravings. Its a time to focus on low-glycemic carbs, high-fiber options, antioxidant-rich foods, and foods high in vitamin D and folic acid. To combat sugar cravings – I stock up on healthy sweets like fruit, dates, apple chips, and dark chocolate. This month, my ovulatory phase menu included:

Sushi! One of my favorite meals to lean on during my ovulatory phase is take out sushi. I use the burst in energy to get more work done and things done around the house and take a break from cooking.

Sometimes you just need a fancy breakfast in bed. I had delicious protein pancakes (I added fresh banana and papaya enzyme powder) and served it with homemade raspberry jam and a side of fresh fruit.

I lean on fruits and roots during my ovulatory phase in the colder months! Avocados, citruses, pomegranates and bananas are in season as well as radishes, beets and ginger.

Eggs cooked in butter on fresh fermented sourdough.

Fermented tzatziki with spinach and cheese gluten free papusas (these were so good! 7/10 recommend – they didn’t get a 10/10 because they’re not organic).

Other foods I ate during my Ovulatory Phase: raw cottage cheese, almonds, onions, tuna, fruit, raw dairy kefir/yogurt.

Luteal Phase

Entering the luteal phase we can start to experience issues with sleeping. We can support better sleep with magnesium-rich foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and bananas. I also combat bloating by steering clear of salty and processed foods. As we prep for menstruation we also want to focus on iron rich foods and foods high in Vitamins B and C. During the luteal phase carb cravings can spike due to decreased serotonin. I prepare for these cravings having healthier dessert options on hand.

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Liverwurst on Simple Mills gluten free crackers with pickles, mustard and dill. I had this last month, as well, and it really supported me in my menstrual phase. Moving forward I think this will become a staple for my luteal/menstrual phase!

I always love how I tend to crave things of a certain hue. During my luteal phase this month I was craving dark berries, hibiscus and other florals. I made protein pancakes with a homemade blueberry jam (topped with roses!) and lots of hibiscus tea (I gave myself bonus points for having it in the sun).

This was a proper indulgence – grilled ham and raw cheese on fermented sourdough.

The gingeriest-ginger tea.🤤

This is hardly attractive but sometimes we need to just eat what we crave. My body wanted fat and fatty red meat but I only had a bit of grass fed London broil. So, I also made some chicken thighs. I served them with honey butter.

I call this girl breakfast😆. I opted to work at the cafe at my gym in between a 8:30am morning class and 1:30pm afternoon class. So a quick and easy “meal” had to suffice. I brought two of my matcha and raw milk gummies, two Epic Wagyu Beef Sticks and some freeze dried organic pineapple.

Other foods I ate during my Luteal Phase: beef stew, mushrooms, chicken liver pate, chicken, soups, stews, potatoes, beans, butternut squash, pumpkin.

Just For Fun

I definitely indulged more than I typically do in November. ‘Tis the season! Part of living a healthy lifestyle to me is aligning with the seasons. Which also means that I’m aligning with the holiday season. And during the holidays? We treat ourselves!

Pumpkin Bread: I made this low sugar, gluten free pumpkin bread and it was AMAZING. It was a proper treat without any reason to feel guilty after indulging. I wrote up the recipe here.

Turkey! Naturally, on Thanksgiving, we had turkey. This year I really perfected my turkey brine recipe! My turkey brine was one of the things I loved from November – it made the most delicious, moist turkey.

We had so much dessert at our Thanksgiving celebration. You can see more of that in my Thanksgiving Vlog!

Charcuterie & Prosciutto Bread: I love charcuterie and prosciutto bread (also known as lard bread) is a proper indulgence at the holidays. I elevated it this year and spread a little fig jam on top of it.🤤

A Good Sammich: I was itching for a proper Italian mortadella sandwich. While I didn’t necessarily get exactly what I was looking for (they really put LETTUCE on MORTADELLA.. WHY!! It got so soggy) the focaccia it was on was pretty good and it did satisfy my craving.

I don’t drink coffee often but when I do – I’m putting up my Christmas decorations and sipping it from my favorite Christmas mug.

I hope you enjoyed a little look at “what eating for my menstrual cycle looks like”! I also hope that it gave you an idea of different foods and meals you can lean on at certain times of your cycle. If you want some more inspiration you can check out these articles:
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What are your favorite foods to lean on in the different phases of your cycle?

Sharing is good karma!


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