Things I Ate to Support My Menstrual Cycle: February 2024

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Adjusting my diet according to my menstrual cycle has been a game-changer for me. For those curious about this approach, I’ve put together a guide called “The Best Foods For Each Phase Of Your Menstrual Cycle“. Additionally, I advocate aligning eating habits with the seasons, as outlined in my “Easy Guide to Eating with the Seasons“. My dietary choices now reflect not only my menstrual cycle but also the current season. To offer insight, I share what I eat each month to support my menstrual cycle. Here’s the Things I Ate to Support my Menstrual Cycle: February 2024.

As a reminder: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! Any claims in this article about the things I ate to support my menstrual cycle: February 2024 are based on personal experience and research. Please read my full medical disclaimer before engaging with my content or anecdotes. This post may contain affiliate links to certain products. I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) if you make a purchase based off of my suggestions. 

Things I Ate to Support My Menstrual Cycle: February 2024

Menstrual Phase

Throughout the menstrual cycle, it’s essential to prioritize nourishing and warming foods that support overall well-being. This includes incorporating plenty of iron-rich options, along with foods abundant in Vitamins B and C, which play important roles in supporting red blood cell production. Additionally, paying attention to zinc and magnesium-rich foods is crucial for optimal health during the menstrual cycle. As our body temperatures drop, maintaining this emphasis on nourishment and warmth becomes even more important. This involves integrating red meat to replenish iron levels and incorporating comforting and supportive warming spices to enhance both physical and emotional comfort during menstruation.

February had some unseasonably warm days so I was blessed to have lunch outside a few days this month! The timing was perfect because during my menstrual cycle my energy levels just ~are not there~ and the sun is particularly energizing. I place a heavy emphasis on grass fed-grass finished (organic) beef during this phase, pairing it with a big bowl of guac (with pomegranate seeds!) and some slices of salted cucumber (below left). I’m really big on intuitive eating and leaning into what my body needs me to eat. I’m not the biggest fan of beef liver, but my body requested it this month during my menstrual cycle so ~I ate it~. I topped the beef liver with pickled onions and ate each bite of it with a bit of guac, as well, which made it much easier to go down. I also had some organic chicken sausage, pasture raised eggs and chicken broth with a chicken thigh and some carrots (below right).

I love juicing to support my body and making a juice to support me during my menstrual phase also happens to be ~really pretty~. This juice had a ton of carrots, apples, ginger, beets, pomegranate and cranberries.

Who doesn’t crave a little sweet and carb-heavy snack during their period? In February I gave into alllll the cravings. One night I made a chocolate-peanut butter-banana bowl with some of the raw dairy chocolate ice cream I got (it has no added sugar! they sweeten it with honey) and another night I made a proper classic: sourdough toast with butter and berry jam (and a side of blueberries).

Leaning on a healthier dessert – I had a sweet potato topped with organic, raw butter, sea salt and a bit of Purely Elizabeth granola (one of the cleanest, gluten free granolas I have found ~ but pay attention to the ingredients: sometimes sporadic products of theirs have sunflower oil in them).

Outside of steak and beef liver – I also had beef bolognese with Jovial organic, gluten free pasta (below left) and beef stew with lots of carrots (below right).

Last but not least: I also ate lots of roasted root veggies during my menstrual cycle this month. Below is daikon radish, onions, garlic, leeks and radish sprinkled with oregano flowers, salt and pepper. I roasted these up and then emulsified them into a “mashed” consistency and it was soooooooo goooooooood!

Other foods I ate during my menstrual phase: mushrooms + mushroom soup, butternut squash, hibiscus tea, red clover blossom tea, ginger, cloves, chai tea, warm raw milk with honey

Things I Ate to Support My Menstrual Cycle: February 2024

Follicular Phase

During the follicular phase, prioritizing a well-rounded diet is super important, with a focus on complex carbohydrates such as fruits and starchy foods like potatoes. It’s also important to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods, which includes a mix of complex carbs like fruits, whole grains, and potatoes, along with probiotics, fermented foods, and fiber-rich options. Maintaining simplicity and balance throughout this phase is essential, steering clear of processed foods and emphasizing whole ingredients and anti-inflammatory components to support overall well-being.

I always put a big focus on chicken during the follicular phase ~ this month I had a bunch of wings (below left) with Primal Kitchen ranch dressing and some homemade hot sauce. I also had a bunch of chicken thighs (below right) with some guac.

I also put a focus on wild-caught seafood and fish during the follicular phase and this month I had some of the best shrimp I’ve ever made! It was super simple, just a touch of lime juice, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper. I served it with cilantro and lime rice and some avocado.

I also always, always eat eggs during the follicular phase. This month I tried Amylu chicken burgers. They aren’t organic and they are definitely processed but sometimes you just need something that’s quick. The whole point of eating clean is so that when you’re in a bind and can’t eat clean ~ it’s not a big deal. And, despite them not being organic ~ the ingredients aren’t horrible. I paired a chicken burger with some avocado and cilantro, pasture raised eggs and some sweet potato with honey and Purely Elizabeth granola (below left). I also had a craving for a breakfast sandwich so I made open faced sourdough, raw cheddar, chicken sausage and eggs sammich’s with a bunch of blueberries (below right).

Other foods I ate during my follicular phase: raw yogurt and raw kefir, sauerkraut, citruses, pickles, kimchi, raw cheese, raw milk, cottage cheese, Coconut Cult yogurt

Things I Ate to Support My Menstrual Cycle: February 2024

Ovulatory Phase

During the ovulatory phase (characterized by heightened energy levels and libido😏) managing potential sugar cravings is key. To navigate the ovulatory phase, I focus on incorporating a diet abundant in low-glycemic carbohydrates, high-fiber options, and antioxidant-rich foods. I also ensure adequate intake of vitamin D and folic acid. When tackling sugar cravings, I prefer healthier alternatives such as fruit, dates, apple chips, and dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The ovulatory phase is where we have the most heightened, uplifting energy. Subsequently if we’re riding that high wave a little too hard ~ this is the phase we “forget to eat”. This is why I opted to go for the Amylu chicken burgers ~ they’re just easy. Pairing them with avocado, sea salt and lime is my favorite way to have them! I also had them with some eggs, as well.

I love greek food so I made some chicken thighs with raw dairy tzatziki, kalmata olives and lemon potatoes.

I had a little roadtrip in February that I packed a lunch ~to go~ for. Since I was in my ovulatory phase I made some egg bites with raw cottage cheese, spinach, onion and mushroom. I also brought a little bit of parmigiano cheese, some coconut cult yogurt, an Epic Wagyu Beef Strip, and some seaweed snacks.

Seafood is always a good idea in the ovulatory phase. I made these wild-caught shrimp tacos with beans, homemade salsa and some avocado on a corn tortilla.

In February I my body asked for one of the ~weirdest things~ I’ve ever craved. Chicken liver pate (you can get my chicken liver pate recipe here, its surprisingly easy to make!) on top of a Simple Mills Rosemary and Sea Salt gluten free cracker, topped with smoked mussels (I know, I said it was weird), pickled onions, pickled banana peppers, pomegranate seeds and mandarins.

I also think it’s interesting to note: I make chicken liver pate every month or so and freeze small containers of it. Two days prior to this craving I took one of the containers out of the freezer and put it into the fridge (even though I usually eat it during my luteal or menstrual phases and I was in my ovulatory phase at that time). I didn’t have a craving for it the other day.. taking it out of the freezer and defrosting it was just something I did mindlessly … ~intuitively~. I didn’t even really *think* about it, I just did it. And then two days later, perfectly defrosted, my body craved it (after doing some particularly dense energy work in my body). When I speak of the importance of intuitive eating ~ it’s beneficial for everyday eating but it also helps to strengthen your intuition for moments like this.

Other foods I ate during my ovulatory phase: salmon, sushi, raw cottage cheese, raw yogurt, raw kefir.

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Things I Ate to Support My Menstrual Cycle: February 2024

Luteal Phase

Transitioning into the luteal phase, where sleep disturbances may occur, I prioritize magnesium-rich foods such as nuts, seeds, avocados, and bananas to promote better sleep quality. Additionally I avoid salty and processed foods to alleviate potential bloating. As menstruation approaches, my focus shifts to incorporating iron-rich foods along with those abundant in Vitamins B and C. Furthermore, being aware of decreased serotonin levels during this phase, I ensure I have healthier dessert alternatives and complex carbs readily available to fulfill any carb cravings that may arise.

I leaned heavily on some sweet potato bowls this February! From topping orange sweet potato with granola, raisins and raw honey (below left) to topping purple sweet potato with bee pollen, raw honey, hemp seeds and candied pecans (below right).

My body always starts to crave beef a few days before I begin to menstruate and this month was no different! I had to make a quick lunch between yoga and a client session so made some grass fed sirloin and paired it with some salted avocado and freeze dried pineapple as “dessert”. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which helps to digest proteins!

I made a classic nacho platter with grass fed ground beef taco meat, some raw cheddar, raw sour cream, salsa and cilantro on top of corn tortilla chips.

I love pasta, especially in my luteal phase. I made this gluten free pasta with a cheesy, creamy caramelized onion and mushroom sauce topped with lots of cheese and some herbs.

Other foods I ate during my luteal phase: beef stew, leeks, onions, daikon radish, beans, soup, carrots, beet juice, ginger tea, chai tea, cloves, cinnamon.

Things I Ate to Support My Menstrual Cycle: February 2024

Just For Fun

I went out to brunch with my aunt and two of my cousins (which was one of the things I loved: February 2024). We had two appetizers and they were both so delectably indulgent. The far back is lemon-ricotta donuts with a chocolate sauce and the front is French toast bites with a caramel sauce and Nutella. I also indulged in a cappuccino (something I don’t do often!).

I went out to lunch with my friend Jes and we had the best edamame guac and tuna lettuce tacos (below left) and also a bison sausage, southwest gluten free pizza (below right). Everything was delicious but the pizza was so bomb that we went back a second time just for the pizza (and ordered two).

There’s nothing quite like breakfast for dinner. In February I made French toast with some fermented sourdough I had left over. I threw cocoa powder into the mix before dunking the bread in the batter and changed my French toast experience for the rest of my life. It was so. damn. good.

I craft these articles to shine a light on the concept of eating in sync with your menstrual cycle. I hope that I offered some ideas insights into the various foods and meals tailored to different phases! Additionally, prioritizing seasonal eating adds to the effectiveness of cycle syncing. For further inspiration during the colder months, feel free to dig into the other articles from late autumn and winter.
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Do you cycle sync? What are some of the foods you lean on during the different phases of your cycle?

Sharing is good karma!


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