Things I Loved: August 2023

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At the end of each month I pause to reflect on the month I just had. I choose to reflect on the moments I loved throughout the month. I’m honestly having a hard time grasping that it’s September already and I’m rounding up August! August was a beautiful but fast month. Watching the sun fade earlier and earlier is bittersweet. I fully plan on making the most of the rest of summer and in the interim here are the things I loved: August 2023.

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Summer Things🌞💦

There’s nothing quite like summer. I love everything about summer. The sun. The beach. But especially: the sun setting over the beach:

Another one of my favorite summer things is pool time. I had a busy month in August but I made some time to get in the sun at the pool. I also got to sport a cover-up for the first time that’s been sitting in my closet for, like, a year. And who doesn’t love a pool-side snack?

Girl Time🥰🎀

I had heaps of catch-up with friends in August! Many of them were so wonderful that I have no photo documentation to insert into this article as I was so present with them and our time together. A friend of mine, Bella, came to New York from LA and we got to spend the day together which was MUCH NEEDED. There’s nothing quite like girl-time! You can check out her website, her amazing offerings and her community here!


While I can’t say that I’m necessarily “happy” that the sun is setting earlier. I will say that it’s nice to catch the sunset from my strength training class! The view of the sky as the sun goes down is really beautiful.


Last month I talked about how much I was LOVING the Ordinary’s Exfoliating Peeling Solution. I’m still obsessed with it this month! However, this month I switched up my aftercare for the peeling solution and fell even more in love with it. I paired it with a hyaluronic acid serum and then a botanical tallow balm and my skin was AMAZING the entire week! No makeup necessary.

Signs & Synchronicities

I’m big on signs and syncs. I believe that one of the ways God speaks to us is through little signs and synchronicities that might go unnoticed. A couple of years ago I bumped into someone on the street in Italy who told me, “look out for feathers as a sign you’re on the right path” as she disappeared into a crowd of people. Since then, I’ve always found feathers – especially in moments of doubt! In August I was walking to my car and found a feather… within a feather.. right next to my car door. I also saw a beautiful message that a woman had tattooed on her inner arm. A message I think we all need to hear: you are enough.

Lots of Fun New Articles

One of the things I loved most about August was how much inspiration I received! I don’t have a ton of photos to add to this article this month because I’ve been busy writing. I published a lot of articles about the things that have helped me to better my life. You can check out some of those articles now live on my site!

First and foremost: What Healthy Means to Me.

Next Up: My Favorite Ways to Tend to My Parasympathetic Nervous System – and, also – Things I Stopped Doing to Support my Parasympathetic Nervous System

A really important one for me: The Best Foods for Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle – and, also – Things I Ate This Month to Support my Menstrual Cycle: August 2023

Diving deep into: Why I Aligned my Lifestyle with my Natural Circadian Rhythm (and how you can, too!)

And, just for fun: Jackie’s Guide to a Laid Back Amalfi Coast Trip

Eats and Treats

If you’re new here – I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I LOVE TO EAT. I believe food to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. August was full of delicious treats and eats! From my current fave salad of watercress, figs, prosciutto, burrata and balsamic reduction to a decadent gluten free chocolate cake my brothers girlfriend brought over for me to homemade pasta and birria tacos. You can also check more of my August eats out in this article.

First Signs of Autumn

While I love all things summer – it was nice to start seeing the first signs of autumn this month. The days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler and the apples on our apple tree starting to turn red!

All in all, August was an amazing month! I can’t believe how fast it went by. I’m so grateful for this practice that helps me to slow down, find gratitude, and appreciate the small moments. What were you grateful for in August?!

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Sharing is good karma!


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