Things I Loved: December 2022

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Wrapping up the things I loved each month is slowly becoming one of my favorite things! Last month, I mentioned how November wasn’t the easiest month for me mentally and spiritually but this practice of going through the month to highlight moments I loved really helped me ground into the fact that November wasn’t all that bad. This month, December of 2022, also wasn’t the easiest mentally and spiritually but going through my camera roll to wrap up the things I loved for December 2022 helped to keep me grateful for the happy moments that I had this month.

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Manicures šŸ’…šŸ¼

I’ve mentioned a few times about how important my manicures are to me. While I’m not all that high maintenance when it comes to my hair and makeup – one thing I am high maintenance about is my manicures being clean, unchipped and perfectly polished. Getting my manicures done weekly has been something that has become even more potent since learning about onchymancy (divination of the nails) from Kiki. You can check out her e-book on nail magic on her website and as I mentioned in my article “How I Reclaimed My Feminine Energy as a Female Entrepreneur” – you can also join us in her forum and community on twitter where we share all about femininity, manicures, beauty rituals, and much more!

This month.. I had quite a few manicures that I loved! From a feminine pink/purple manicure, to my Christmas manicure to my New Years nails.. I had so much fun tapping into my intuition to see what nails would best serve me through the month.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

I adore flowers so there’s no surprise that there were some flowers in December of 2022 that ended up being a part of the things I loved. I caught the below flowers while taking my dog for different walks this month and I loved how even though the season had shifted into winter, and everything is technically in hibernation, there were still some beautiful florals to experience.

Eats and Treats

While I’ve had some toxic relationship issues with food before – I do now firmly believe that you can have a healthy relationship with food and find pleasure from certain bites. However, having a balance and not leaning on food for happiness or to escape uncomfortable feelings is vital! December 2022 had no shortage of delicious eats, after all the holidays were upon us.

I’ve been really loving making different juices to support not only my body but also my chakras. Staying grounded and in my power were big themes of December 2022 for me so it’s no surprise that juices with beets, oranges, cranberries, lemons and carrots (red, orange and yellow supporting my root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra) were big highlights of my month.

What is the holiday season without some Christmas dessert? The spread of cookies, fruits, cakes, cannolis, pies and more was just as delicious as they appeared to be. I also put together a cute little cheese and meat platter for our appetizer on Christmas Day!

Energy Work

Earlier in December I really felt I needed some assistance moving some energy out of my body and I opted for two body sessions: one reiki session to move energy out of my energetic body and one ayurvedic massage to move energy out of my physical body. I went for the reiki session first, about a week before the massage and I’m so grateful that I did. In the reiki session with Kate Gajewski (at her beautiful studio in East Setauket, New York) I had a massive shift and release from my right hip. It was something that I felt internally but that Kate confirmed after the session had ended. I left Kate’s studio (named “The Lightness of Being”) unironically feeling lighter, more grounded, and overall just better in my mind, body and soul.

About a week later I had my ayurvedic massage with Chynna Dee (at her cozy studio in Yonkers, New York) we expanded on the release that I had with Kate. After the massage Chynna works with you on some assisted stretching and when she was stretching my right side body it pulled some very old trauma out of my right hip that led to an extremely cathartic release. Chynna, noticing that I was beginning to cry and full on sob, held such beautiful space for me, resting her back on mine so that I felt supported as I sat with, and released, these very old emotions and feelings that no longer wanted to be with me.

Both sessions were also assisted with beautiful messages! A message that made me feel that I was in the right place at the right time (as we often are) on Kate’s studio doorstep (below left) and a message that “I am Connected” from a deck of cards I pulled before beginning my session with Chynna (below right).

Cute Christmas Outfit + A New Corset

It’s been a while since I had something to dress up for and last year I wasn’t home for the holidays so this year I was SO EXCITED to get my Christmas Eve outfit together. I, of course, wanted to wear red and gold and found the cutest red blazer and black skirt with gold and white tweed details. I paired them with my favorite Chloe boots and a green Celine bag.

When I went to shop for my Christmas Eve outfit I stumbled into Victorias Secret where I fell in love with the most beautiful dark pink-maroonish velvet corset. I couldn’t say no! It had to come home with me.

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Cold Weather Skincare + A New Mirror

I *love* skincare but in the last two years I’ve learned how many skincare products do more harm than good in the long run (many of the fragrances are harmful endocrine disruptors, for example). So I’ve really been working at cleaning up my skincare act. Using homemade tallow balm for facial cream and infusing my own organic witch hazel with organic lavender/chamomile to use as a toner, for instance.

However, there is a time and a place for everything and life is all about balance. When the weather drops below freezing I can anticipate my cheeks getting extra red. I used a blend of some of my favorite skincare products to mitigate the redness while also using some extra hydrating serums.

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I also got a new vanity mirror this month that I am OBSESSED with. The lights on the mirror are perfect to see up close and personal and I love that it has multiple features (different lighting and brightness settings, for example). I HIGHLY recommend this mirror, you can check it out: here.

Fortunes + Messages

I find fortunes on the ground the same way that most people find spare change on the ground and I always take it as a beautiful sign from God. I also believe, strongly, in synchronicities and angel numbers so seeing those this past month were a beautiful reminder that I’m always right where I’m supposed to be. The angel number “8” has been very prominent for me lately. I was having a particularly rough day when I went to the grocery store – accidentally leaving the coupon I had at home. When my total rang up, it was $88.88. a sign from God that I wouldn’t have seen if I brought my coupon! Further instilling my belief that everything happens for a reason.


The weather being mild enough to get outside and get my feet on the earth this month was SO IMPORTANT for my mind, body and soul. I mentioned in my article Things I’m Doing to Support my Mind, Body and Soul this Autumn that I really wanted to spend more time outside. Thankfully, in December, the late autumn weather permitted not only going outside but also taking my shoes off and getting my feet onto the grass for some grounding.

All in all, December was a great month. I spent a lot of time with my family, had some beautiful messages and reminders from God. Was able to spend some time outside and released a lot of old energy that wasn’t serving me anymore. I’m so grateful for this practice of wrapping up what I’m grateful for each month because it’s a beautiful reminder that there’s good in each month! What were you grateful for in December 2022?

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Sharing is good karma!


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