Things I Loved: February 2024

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Every month I wrap up the “things I loved” from the month. More often than not the things on this list aren’t “big” things. They’re small everyday things that for many years went unnoticed by me. In 2020 I adopted a gratitude practice that literally changed my life and helped me to slow down and notice the little things. The more I focus on the little things that I have to be grateful for – the more I find myself grateful for. I mentioned in December and January that I had been having a bit of a rough time mentally/emotionally/spiritually and while February was definitely easier ~ there was still some of that lingering heaviness in the air. I like to think that this practice helps keep me grounded without losing myself completely. Here are the things I loved: February 2024.

Flowers (+ Candles)

Nearly every month I put flowers on the list of the things I loved ~ because flowers bring me so much joy! This month a lot of the flowers I loved came along with some candles so it felt necessary to list candles, as well. I really love candles so much, also. I’m writing this article via candlelight. From the florals in my bath to my bedside florals to the snowdrops which bloomed last month with a bit of snow in front of them…here are some of the candles I loved this February 2024:

Family Time

My family is really important to me and I love when I get to spend quality time with them! In February I had a nice brunch with my aunt and two of my cousins which was really nice. But, the highlight of family time for me in February was spending a weekend with my cousin and her 9 month old baby. It was PROPER therapy for me who had been struggling with some ~sad feels~.


Every so often I’ll ask God to show me a specific sign to confirm I’m where I belong. In February I asked to see signs in the form of rainbows and they definitely showed up! The message (in a rainbow no less) to focus on all the good things was definitely a big sign! But what I loved most about the rainbows was that my sun catcher from Catch the Vibe were the MOST VIBRANT they’ve ever been. I’ve had this sun catcher for almost two years and I swear it has never been as vibrant as they were in February.

I reached out to my friends at Catch the Vibe to ask for a discount code in case anyone reading this was interested in getting their own sun catcher and they offered me a 20% off coupon with the code ALIVE20. The coupon code is valid through the end of March 2024.

New Skims

I love Skims! Sorry, not sorry. I’m obsessed with the Skims sets (below left) and was so so excited to see the set available in bubblegum pink ahead of Valentine’s Day. Naturally, I had to get it! You can find the bubblegum pink tank here and the boxer shorts here. I also got my first Skims dress (below right) and loved it so much that I went ahead and ordered it in ivory, also.

Big Releases

I’ve been working with Chynna for almost three years now. I wrote about a big session I had with her in December of 2022 as well as April 2023. However, this February was (hands down) my most potent session with her. We even filmed the session and I will definitely be sharing what that session looked like. But, in the interim, I’m just going to say it was a big energetic release with lots of fears and tears coming up. As they say, ~you have to feel it to heal it~. The cards I felt called to pick before the session were incredibly on point, as well.


Last month I wrote that I was excited we had a snow day. I also wrote that it was likely the only snow we would have this winter. February had me putting my foot in my mouth. We had not one ~but two~ snow days this month!


I love a good sunset. They’re one of my favorite pleasures in life and its particularly special for me when the sky turns pink. February had quite a few proper #PinkHour’s but also a few little pops of pink in the sky ~ both of which were caught over my neighbors snow roof’s ~ which was just as special.

This practice reminds me that no matter how many “downs” there may be in life ~ there are always far more “ups”. We just have to be open to see them.

Sharing is good karma!


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