Things I Loved: January 2024

Sharing is good karma!

I can’t believe I just typed “2024”. Even though we’re into February now, it feels so surreal to be in 2024! January was an extremely transformative month for me. It doesn’t surprise me, either, coming off of the heels of December which was a rough month for me. The breakdowns often lead to breakthroughs! As I mentioned in December’s round-up… this practice of slowing down and appreciating the small things has helped me to maintain my sanity, even when in the midst of losing my mind.🤪 Without further adieu… here are the things I loved, January 2024.

My Birthday

Well, of course I’m listing this first! My birthday is on January 6th and this year was truly my best birthday to date. Not because of fancy gifts or dinners or because of how many birthday wishes I collected up on social media. Quite the opposite, I was slipping into the birthday blues on the 5th, a bit disappointed with my birthday plans. When I woke up on my birthday I chose to rid myself of the victim mentality and make this the birthday that I gave myself a gift that no one else could give me: my power (metaphorically and literally).

I opted to skip going into my phone that morning and instead I took myself straight to two back-to-back yoga classes (one vinyasa and one yin). In the vinyasa class I had my strongest ever practice and I found myself crying on my mat at how proud I am for how far I’ve come in my relationship with my body. (If you’re new here, my struggle with weight loss/gain has been nearly lifelong.) In the yin class after, I found myself crying because of how proud I am for how far I’ve come in my spiritual and mental journey. To say I got my power back that day would be understating it.

Outside of my celebration with myself I also had a few birthday dinners with loved ones, had lots of cake and received some beautiful gifts, as well. What was particularly special was the night of my actual birthday I spent with two friends (both women!) who I admire and love deeply and I felt so loved and supported by them that night. The following week I had a birthday dinner with some of my family and the only ones who could make it turned out to be women (my mom, some of my aunts and cousins). I feel that I reached new levels of self love within my own feminine on my birthday morning and felt that externally, as well with my birthday celebrations.

Lastly, I also LOVED my birthday outfit! In typical Jackie ‘fashion’ here’s a posed photo and a photo that captures my true essence. And first, let me take a selfie!


Nearly every month, “flowers” find their way onto my “things I loved” roundup because they bring me so much joy! This month, of course, had birthday flowers. I snapped some beautiful baby blue flowers at my cousins baby shower. Lastly, the flowers at my esthetician were GORGEOUS. If you’re located on Long Island and need any type of waxing or body spa services, I highly recommend checking out Waxing by Nadia.

The Angel Course

I started the Angel Course in December and it was definitely one of the things I loved for December, as well! The Angel Course is a daily Kundalini class that has been so transformative for me in just two short months (I’m also currently enrolled in it and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon). Whereas traditional asana (physical yoga) can tend to the body and mind – I find that kundalini tends more to my mind and soul. Adding the guidance and insights from Kiley, who hosts the course, it has been suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a support for me as I went through the dark days of December and the transformation of January.

This course has helped me to reaffirm my truth and step deeper into my purpose. It has helped me to acknowledge harsh truths about myself. It has helped me to support myself through these transitions. It has helped me to lean deeper into my intuition. It has helped me in strengthening my love for myself. It has helped me with acceptance and the art of letting go. It has helped me to accept myself, fully and unapologetically. It has helped me to finally work to come out of my shell. And this is just scratching the surface. This course and the teachings hold so much wisdom and in connecting with that wisdom – I’m able to connect deeper with my own inner wisdom.

The First Snow

Honestly, considering I sat outside in a cardigan to eat lunch today (February 6) – it’s safe to say that will probably be this years only snow. I thoroughly enjoyed it, nonetheless!

Signs, Syncs and Messages from God

Quite often little signs, synchronicities and messages from God find their way onto my round ups of things I loved. As I noted in November… messages on license plates have been super loud for me lately. As I noted in July with a dragonfly… oftentimes little messengers come in the form of a bug or animal. January was no different. Not only did I get heaps of messages through license plates (many of which I wasn’t able to capture in a photo) but I also started seeing hearts everywhere (also many of which I wasn’t able to capture). A lot of the work I’ve been doing spiritually has been tied to the heart center, or heart chakra, and I don’t find these messages to be coincidental, but rather synchronistic. I also had a ladybug (a sign of healing, protection, grace and good fortune) show up in my home (in the middle of winter!!!). Talk about a sign. I also saw lots of number 8’s on my birthday (a sign associated with abundance and prosperity) – including on the servers neck!

These signs and synchronicities are often overlooked but when we pay attention, God really is always talking to us. I have been really going through a lot of deep emotional and spiritual healing and these signs, these synchronicities.. these messages from God remind me that I’m never alone, even if I feel that I am. They remind me to keep my faith and trust. They remind me to stay in my heart. They serve as a reminder that even on my own personal darkest days – I still am so incredibly blessed.💖

A Pink Sunset

If you’re new here, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… pink skies are some of my favorite things!! I also find that God throws a synchronistic pink sky at me on days where I’m questioning my path or my faith. In January we BARELY saw the sun. It was a perpetually grey month. But, on one of those grey days.. I went outside to head to yoga and there was a tinge of a pink sunset in the distance.

While January wasn’t as dark and difficult as December, it still had it’s fair share of tough moments. However, thanks to this practice as well as the Kundalini, other yoga and mindfulness practices I stick do – I didn’t lose myself as I have in the past. When we stop to notice the little things (that really are the big things) it makes the hard things a little easier./

Sharing is good karma!


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