Things I Loved: June 2023

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Every month I take a pause to reflect on the things I loved from the month prior. This practice helps me to stay in a gratuitous mindset. Maintaining a grateful mind is essential for welcoming new things in. If you want to manifest abundance or success – you can’t do so with a victim or poverty mindset. My favorite part about this practice is that, most often, the things I’m most grateful for each month are the little things. They’re the things we tend to overlook. The seemingly small. But, the little things add up to the big things! Here are the things I loved in June, 2023.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Flowers are always on the list of things I loved each month! They just bring me so much joy. From the flowers I buy to make bouquets around my house with each week to the flowers I see on my daily walks – I’ve never met a flower that I didn’t like. Here are some of the blooms I loved this month:

My New Favorite Manicure💅🏼

I LOVE my manicures. I love playing with the colors. I love playing with the styles. I love playing with the names of the colors. I love the way a different manicure can make you feel like a different woman. I love it all. In June, I created my new favorite pairing. “Sugar Daddy” base-coat with a “Trophy Wife” French tip.

The Sun🌞

I live for the sun. If I was outside catching rays in February – you know I’ve been outside this summer. From poolside to shore-side, I loved everything about the sun in June.

The Glowiest Glow Ever

Every summer I love to work on my GLOW. And while the sun definitely helps… every summer I find a staple product that helps me achieve said glow. This summer it’s the Chanel illuminating oil. It is literally STUNNING. A subtle but prominent glow that is the perfect shimmer for summer.

My Hair!

Back in 2021 when I started going through a really big detox – I also started losing a lot of hair. I stopped using commercial haircare (which also meant ditching going blonder). Since tending to my hair organically and naturally, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my hair health. As such, in June I went BLONDER! I love being blonde! I also doubled down on the organic tea rinses I do for my hair, just to protect my hair from all the damage the dye did.


I mentioned in the Spring that one of the things I was doing was honoring the moon phases. I’m still staying aligned with the moon! The energy has been particularly potent for me with the moon lately. It was no surprise that the full moon in June was STUNNING on top of potent and powerful.

Eats, Treats + Sweets

Every month there’s some deliciousness on my “Things I Loved” roundup because I believe food to be one of the great pleasures of life. Just, don’t lean on it to be one of your only pleasures. I ordered sushi and was *really* debating going to the bakery for dessert on my way to pick up the soosh. I ultimately, decided to skip the dessert. However, when I got home and went through the sushi… there was dessert in the bag! A proper sweet treat in June.

I don’t drink coffee too often anymore but sometimes I just really want a morning cappuccino (below left). Taking it outside to ground on the grass in the morning sun just felt right! Typically, in the morning, I sip on warm raw milk, raw colostrum, raw honey with bee pollen (below, right).

I love summer salads so much! Most of the summer salads I make are packed with fruit (typically tomatoes and cucumber) and lots of herbs. However, sometimes simply just tomatoes can hit the spot.

I happen to have one of the sweetest sweet tooths that ever existed. I love dessert and all things sweet and delicious. In June I crafted the best iced matcha frappe recipe, ever. It was so frothy and delicious that it’s quickly becoming an afternoon staple for me! I also indulged in some creme brûlée… one of my favorite desserts.

I also made orange juice a few days in June and it did not disappoint. I also feel morally obliged to tell you not to eat citrus that comes from Florida. You can delve into why in this twitter thread I posted:

The Lighting Situation

While the smoke from the Canadian wildfires definitely sucked.. I do try to find a silver lining in everything. The lighting situation that the smoke procured was DEFINITELY it. The holly bush reflecting into my window through my curtains was so beautiful one evening.

From delicious eats to being blonde and bronzed to even finding the ~proper lighting~ in the middle of an apocalyptic smokey haze… there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. I hope that my musings can help reframe your everyday. Making it so you can find some of the little things to be grateful for.

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Sharing is good karma!


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