Things I Loved: March 2024

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You know how they say, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”? That was very true for my March ~emotionally~. I talked about how December, January and February were heavier months for me. And while February was lighter than January.. March was definitely the lightest of them all. This gratitude practice has helped me to stay elevated through some dark days, nights and even weeks. Here are the things I loved: March 2024:


I think Spring might be my favorite season. While I love the long, hot days of summer, the cool, crisp days of autumn and the lazy, recharging days of winter… there’s just an energy about Spring that I love so much. Spring finally sprang in March and I’m so happy about it! I have some articles for Spring I wanted to share:

🌸Self Care Ideas for Spring

🌸Things I’m Doing this Spring to Support my Mind, Body and Soul

I hope that these articles can help you tap into the Spring energy!


I am so happy that it is finally Spring! I was so happy to see the Spring flowers blooming that I even went back and read my “Things I Loved” from March 2023 and there were so many beautiful flowers in that month also. From the daffodils in our garden to the hydrangeas at Whole Foods to the flowers I keep in my home to the flowers outside of a florist to the flowers starting to bloom on the trees ~ the flowers this month were hitting my heart strings.

Signs and Synchronicities

I love finding little signs and synchronicities that confirm I’m where I belong and that God is with me. More often than not, they’re so quick that I don’t catch them. But! March had *so many* (especially on car license plates) that it was impossible not to capture some of them. These little signs and syncs might seem insignificant but the art of noticing them is part of living a slower lifestyle.

This practice of jotting down the things I loved each month is an extension of my gratitude practice. I know it may sound silly but the practice of simply focusing on gratitude has literally changed my life. You can read How a Simple Gratitude Practice Changed my Life if you want to dig deeper.

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The Angel Course ~ Kundalini

I talked about how much I’ve been loving my kundalini practice, The Angel Course, in the Things I Loved: January 2024. In March I committed even deeper and decided not to skip a day the entire month. (Spoiler Alert: it’s April 13 as I’m going to publish this and I haven’t broken my commitment to stick to kundalini daily yet!). I even had a few days where I practiced at my aunts house down in Philly and it was so cute to practice in my younger cousins bedroom. It felt like the childhood innocence of the room really aided in my meditations.


If you’ve been here for a few months ~ you likely know I love my manicures! Earlier in the Winter Solstice I heard the guidance to leave my nails plain through the winter. This wasn’t a huge surprise for me as during the Autumn Equinox I heard the guidance to leave my toes unpolished “until sandal weather”. However, I did get the go-ahead to get a manicure before the Spring Equinox! I used a very light green topped with a iridescent white-gold glittery layer.

Sweet Treats + Sweet Moments

I love sweet things! From the dragonfruit pink lemonade (below left) from True Food Kitchen that I had with a good friend of mine to a bowl of fresh strawberries, pistachios and some white chocolate chips… March had a few cute sweet treats and sweet moments.

Pretty Plates + Easter Sunday

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because it’s SPRING and all of the spring colors and spring flowers that adorn the table. I, unfortunately, cut my hand pretty bad on Easter but it was still a great day. If you want to see more about my Easter Sunday and how I made lemonade from the lemons my cut hand dealt me… you can watch my Easter Vlog here.

Self Care

I haven’t been quiet about the past few months being a bit ~difficult~. The sun coming out to play and Spring finally Springing definitely made March a lot lighter than December, January and February. I put a heavy emphasis on self care in March and it definitely made a difference. Spring cleaning, spending time in the garden and a very excessive (but also amazing) lavender bath bomb were just some of the self care activities I played with in March.

Philly + Cute Lights

I mentioned earlier that I went down to Philly to spend some time with my family. My aunt and I went to run a few errands one night and stumbled upon a neighborhood lit up with cute little lights!

A Beautiful Sunset

It’s not secret that I love a good sunset. As I’m writing this I’m realizing that I should definitely be making more time to intentionally witness some sunsets this month. However, there was a particularly stunning sunset in March (the below photo does no justice!)

Sharing is good karma!


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