Things I Loved: November 2022

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I enjoy rounding up the things I loved each month, like I did for September and October, because it helps me to remain grateful for all of the beautiful moments in my life – no matter how big or small. In all honesty, November was a rough month for me. If you’re familiar with astrology, you know that Scorpio season comes along with a series of eclipses and can be a really transformative time. The eclipses paired with my Scorpio Stellium meant that transformation hit hard for me. Transformation often comes with hardships and lessons and that couldn’t have been any more true for me this month. This month my practice of wrapping up the things I loved was especially potent because while it was a tough month – it still had moments that I loved!

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

I *love* flowers. From flowers in the garden to playing with flowers and making beautiful bouquets to put around my house – when it comes to flowers, I can’t get enough. November had some beautiful flowers, including a truly remarkable mum!

Some Good Food

I love good eats and over the last two years or so I’ve been preparing more and more of my food for myself at home. This month I made two banging sammich’s for myself, one of them on my first homemade focaccia. I made an olive and rosemary focaccia bread from organic wheat and it was delicious on it’s own but when I topped it with prosciutto, brie, arugula, green apple and honey – it was even better.

As I was writing this article (on November 30th!) I made myself hungry and decided to make another delicious sammy. This time, I used organic skirt steak, homemade mayo, burrata, green pear (I heated in a pan with butter first), and arugula.

Delicious Drinks

Earlier in the year I stopped drinking coffee when the caffeine started to make me anxious and just feel *weird*. However, I love coffee so I found a really delicious dark roast decaf and sometimes I still enjoy a nice cup of coffee. I made whipped cream out of raw cream and, naturally, had to put it in a cup of coffee!

I also love making warm milk, typically before bed, and, typically, with vanilla extract and honey. But, this month I made my first hot cocoa of the season – adding some dark chocolate into my warm milk. The added bonus was that I already started to decorate for Christmas so it was hot cocoa with ambiance.

A Friends Wedding

Earlier in the month two of my friends got married! Unfortunately, as I find with most of my most precious moments, I don’t have any photos of the beautiful nuptials. I tend to get into the moment and become really present with certain moments and completely forget to take photos. As the night was dwindling down, however, I did snap a photo of one of the dessert plates that were placed on our table!

The Moon

I’m totally one of those “look at the moon!” people. The evening of the full moon I took my dog for a walk and snapped the moon, full and beautiful, with a pink hue in the sky from after the sun set.

Cute Boots

On Thanksgiving, I finally had a chance to wear my new favorite boots! I’ve wanted these boots for years but never pulled the trigger. This year, I finally did and I had the opportunity to wear them to our family Thanksgiving dinner this year. I paired them with a dress that had faux gold and pearl buttons and a cute little Gucci mini bag.

You can check out my boots at different retailers, below!


Once again, I don’t have photos to showcase how wonderful Thanksgiving with my family was. My Aunt Janet hosted and it was a beautiful day! I snapped this photo of my place setting before we all sat down for dinner.

Reading with OracleIndigo

Last but not least, I have to mention that I loved my reading in the end of August with OracleIndigo on Etsy. The reason I’m mentioning this reading, from August, in November is because I opted to do a three-month tarot card reading (which covered September, October and November). The reading immediately resonated with what I was going through at the time and it also gave me a bit of advice and a heads up that November looked a little rocky for me. This advice, beforehand, helped me to go into November prepared which also helped me to not lose myself amongst the tough times.

Indigo broke down each month by Home, Love, Money, and Work as well as pulling an oracle card and tarot card for the general themes of the month. I love the way that she gives interpretations of the cards and the anecdotes she provides as short and concise advice based off of her interpretations. If it weren’t for Indigo telling me that “November looks challenging for you” and to anticipate “one step forward, two steps back” as well as reminding me that, “it won’t last forever” I don’t know that I would have been able to handle November so cool, calm and collectively.

Indigo offers heaps of different types of readings outside of the three-month reading I opted for including a week ahead tarot reading, a birthday/New Year reading, a relationship reading, a work/career reading and so much more – I can’t recommend her enough!! I just ordered a general reading for the month of December and can’t wait to see what she has to say!

All in all, November wasn’t terrible and thankfully Indigo had me prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. Thankfully, I had a few small and special moments that added up to an overall good month.

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Sharing is good karma!


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