Things I Loved: November 2023

Sharing is good karma!

Pausing to reflect on the things I loved this November was particularly special! November had so many beautiful moments. From Thanksgiving with my family to signs and synchronicities and messages from God to delicious foods and trying out new recipes – I loved November! Slowing down to reflect on the things I loved each month helps me maintain a gratuitous mindset. Gratitude has literally changed my life so this practice has become more and more important to me. Here are the things I loved: November 2023.


Fall Foliage🍁🍂

From the simple color changes along my drive to the gym to the endless hues of yellow, orange and red of the fallen leaves to the decor that comes along with autumn – I loved all of the fall foliage this November.

The Cutest Flower Arrangements

My mom is so creative in the kitchen/garden! When it became apparent that these butternut squashes weren’t going to grow to full size – she turned them into mini vases/floral arrangements!

Cute Lighting

I love, love, love mood lighting! I got the most adorable mushroom lamp this month.

I loved how the candles along with my autumn garland and velvet pumpkin lights under my t.v.

And I really loved how the string lights I put on one of my shelves in my bedroom turned out.

Lastly, the yoga studio at my gym has the prettiest ambiance for the holidays! When I found out that one of the male yoga instructors was the one who hung them up – I melted! Thanks for making our practice that much more special this holiday season, Jeru!

Signs + Syncs

There’s always a little sign or synchronicity that I love each month and November was no different. The messages were so loud this month!

Pink Skies

One of my favorite things about autumn is the way the sky so often puts on a show at sunset. And especially how often that show turns all hues of pink. We had quite a few proper #PinkHour’s for me to love this month!


Not only were the lights cute this month – but so was the lighting. From hundreds of little mirrored reflections on the floor to the prettiest late autumn hues through my window to the sun shining through the autumn leaves – the small moments of beautiful lighting were all something I particularly enjoyed this month.


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because to me – Thanksgiving is family. Here’s some photos from the day and a link to my Thanksgiving vlog where I went into much more detail about my day and its importance to me!

New Recipes + Pretty Food

Nearly every month I put some form of “food” on my list of “things I loved”. November was no different! I made breakfast in bed, which never disappoints. I also made the best turkey brine, ever. Matcha raw milk gummies (which I wrote up the recipe for!). A rose cappuccino. And a very low sugar, gluten free pumpkin bread (which I also wrote up the recipe for!).


When I was planning my Thanksgiving outfit – I knew I wanted to wear green! Green is the color of the heart chakra and I really feel into the love of Thanksgiving with my family. I loved the way my outfit turned out and also how the lighting on the below selfie focused on my lips.😅

Cute Amazon Finds

I’ve been looking for a plant humidifier for a while. I wanted a cute and compact one that would fit on the table with all my plants and in November, I finally found it! This humidifier (with a little lark on it!!) is the cutest ever. I also found a 100% mulberry silk sleep bonnet for only $20. I had to order it to check out the quality. I’m super impressed!

First Signs of Christmas

After Thanksgiving ends – Christmas season begins! I love the kick off of Christmas and was so excited to begin decorating (with my favorite Christmas mug, of course).

November came and went so quickly. Pausing to reflect on the things I loved really helped me to find so much to be grateful for from the month of November. What were the things you loved in November?

Sharing is good karma!


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