Things I Loved: September 2022

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I don’t know if it’s just for me but it seems as if time has been flying by quicker than usual. To me, this means that it’s all the more important to stop and smell the flowers… pausing for slow moments and appreciating the little things.

Reflecting back on my September of 2022 has been particularly special because I was able to spend some time in Charleston, South Carolina with my mom and two of my aunts. Below are some of the slow moments I was able to have and some of the places, people and things I loved in the last month of September, 2022.

Back in April I bought a bunch of organic celery to juice and I trimmed down the “butt” of the celery, and stuck it in water (below left) to allow it to grow some roots. About a month later I transplanted the celery into the ground and let it grow all summer. One of my favorite things of September, 2022 was harvesting that same celery (below right)! Look at how beautiful the roots are!

As I mentioned above, I spent some time with at my aunts condo with two of my aunts and my mom in Charleston, South Carolina in September. I’ve visited Charleston a few times before but this time around was different – likely because I’ve changed so much since my last time there. I found such a deep appreciation for all of the nature around Charleston and the quaint hidden alleyways and charming corners all around the city.

Over the last two years I’ve been enjoying softening into my femininity and finding such joy in harnessing my feminine energy and supporting it in various ways. Dainty items, pleasing set-ups and leisurely moments have all added to my reclaiming my femininity and making sure to find those aesthetic and relaxed moments have made all of my months, including September 2022 – better.

For a few years I’ve been working on taking hold of my overall health (including my skincare and haircare) and trying to convert to as many natural (meaning: from the earth) and organic ingredients as possible. One of my favorite things this month was concocting a 100% organic face mask that leaves my skin looking and feeling so beautiful! You can get the full recipe for my new favorite face mask here.

Outside of skincare my journey to my healthiest self has made for some particularly delicious bites and beverages over the last few years – and there was no shortage of things I loved to eat in September, 2022!

I wouldn’t be Jackie if there weren’t a few sunsets that made me happy in September, 2022. Below are some of my favorite skies from this month!

All in all, my September of 2022 was a beautiful transition from summer to autumn and I’m so grateful for the gentle, pleasing moments I was able to experience.

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Sharing is good karma!


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