Things I’m Doing this Summer to Support my Mind Body and Soul

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I believe that in order to have a happy, healthy and fulfilling life ~ we must find balance. This balance (or alignment) is with our mind, body, and soul. In the last few years I began intentionally supporting my personal balance. In that intention: the things I do to take care of my mind, body, and soul began shifting with the seasons. Aligning my overall lifestyle to sync with the seasons allows me to deepen my connection with the cycles of nature. A deeper connection with nature further supports my mind, body, and soul alignment. Here are the things I’m doing this summer to support my mind, body, and soul.

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Things I’m Doing this Summer to Support My Mind, Body, + Soul

I’ve noticed that the more I tend to my mind, body, and soul – the more my mind tends to my body and soul, the more my soul tends to my mind and body, and the more my body tends to my mind and soul. These practices, routines and habits become intertwined. Similar to the concept of, “one hand washing the other”. 

As humans we often think of ourselves as, “superior” to nature. We live in homes. We have modern conveniences. We have thought, etc. etc.

However, we are very much a part of the ecosystem of Earth.

Without the water or food that nature provides us – we would starve to death. Without the air that comes from the trees – we would lose our ability to breathe. Our survival is dependent on the Earth – not our modern conveniences.

I believe that in connecting to nature ~ the support to my mind, body and soul is amplified.

I also believe that in shifting my habits to align with the seasons ~ I amplify the connection to nature. 

By in simply living in sync with nature I amplify the support to my mind, body, and soul.

Things I’m Doing this Summer to Support my Mind

Supporting my mind through the summer looks similar to how I support my mind throughout the rest of the year. I notice that the more I tend to my mind – the more my mind tends to me.

I believe the “Mind” comes first in, “mind, body, and soul” for a reason.

A strong mind makes it easier to make decisions to support my body and soul. Here are the things I’m doing this summer to support my mind, body, and soul.

Meditating Daily (In The Morning Sun When Possible)

I’ve been meditating daily since about December 2022 and I have noticed a massive shift in my psyche. I used to believe that I needed an hour-long morning routine to maintain my peace. However, I realized I was treating myself as if I was broken. As if I needed to “fix” myself for the first hour of every day with a series of practices. 

Since meditating daily I realized my peace of mind really only needs the first 5-20 minutes each morning in meditation.

I meditate first thing in the morning.

In meditation I set my intentions, touch gratitude, and find peace/stillness within my mind. And that meditative space – I set the tone for the day. This makes me able to maintain my peace without spending an hour in the morning journaling, practicing affirmations, etc. etc. 

I still love to spend the first hour or two of my day in solitude. However, just not necessarily partaking in “activities that help me work on myself”. Instead, I like to spend that hour leisurely such as reading, painting or stretching.

Curated Affirmations

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of affirmations. In the past my affirmation practice has helped me to shift my mindset from negative to positive. From poverty to abundance. From masculine to feminine. 

This summer, to support my mind, I’m curating my affirmation practice to intentionally cultivate a specific mindset. Instead of using sporadic affirmations to uplift my mindset – I will be choosing a set of affirmations to enhance my growth mindset even further. 

Reading Fiction Novels 

I just love fiction novels so much. My go to genres are: historical fiction/historical romance, fantasy, literary fiction and the occasional mystery or young adult novel. Over the winter I re-read the entire Harry Potter series and let my inner teenage rejoice! 

Reading simply for pleasure has become one of my favorite hobbies over the last few years. Here are some of the fiction novels I’ve read and loved in the last year or so:

Painting Outside

Painting is super meditative for me. It helps me to release emotions without attaching to them. It helps me to tap into my creativity. It helps me to find a peace of mind. Naturally, painting supports my mind.

This summer, to support my mind, I plan on spending time painting outside instead of inside.

The fresh air, the sounds of the birds, the warmth of the sun and the breeze on my skin would all amplify the relaxation, release and restoration that painting already does for me.

Less Screen Time

I’ve said this before. I’m saying it again. There’s a direct correlation between my mental state and my screen time. It’s simple math. As summer rolls around I’m trying to spend less time on screens and more time outside. 

Hanging My Laundry to Dry

The smell of laundry that dried on the line, in the sun, brings me such peace. Getting into bed with fresh sheets is especially pleasant when the sheets hung to dry. I also find the act of hanging my laundry to be really meditative and calming. Letting my laundry dry in the wind/sun is another simple way to connect my habits/routines to nature.

Things I’m Doing this Summer to Support my Body

I *love* the way my body feels going from Spring into Summer! Right now, I have a ton more energy than I do throughout the winter. I also find all the sun I’m getting to support my overall mood which makes taking care of my body naturally easier. Supporting my body through the summer is really just about giving my body what it needs. Here are the things I’m doing this summer to support my body.

Eating with the Season

As the seasons change, so do the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that our body needs. Lucky for us, nature provides us with the minerals, nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need through the foods that are available each season. Eating with the season is one of the easiest to support our bodies throughout the year. To support my body through summer – I’ll be eating with the produce that’s in season. Here are some fruits, veggies/herbs that are in season in summer:

Herb-y Drinks + Summer Salads 

My body is really craving herbs lately! I’ve been juicing mint, cucumber, lemon and other melons and really enjoying those drinks. I’ve been garnishing my water with mint or cilantro, as well.

I don’t eat a ton of greens as far as kale, lettuces, etc. but I have been making a lot of summer salads. Making an herb-y salad is as simple as using parsley and/or cilantro as the “base”. You can keep up with the summer salad concoctions I create through this Twitter thread:

Strength Training

Over the last two years I took a step back from heavy, yang workouts and really focused on restorative, yin movement. However! With the increase in energy that came along with summer – I’m excited to be getting back to strength training. 

Sleeping/Waking with the Sun

I love to wake up early while the rest of the world is still asleep. It’s ironically been easier to get to bed earlier with the sun setting later. Lately I’ve been trying to be in bed by 8-830p (around sunset). If I’m asleep by 9p, I typically wake between 330-5a. 

I know 330a sounds very early to some, but the sun rises around 5a. In the winter, when the sun rises around 7a, I wake around 5-530. The amount of time I’m awake before the sun remains the same throughout the seasons. 

Even though I’m waking at 330a some days, I have a ton of energy throughout the day. I don’t feel fatigued or drained. While I love a nice iced matcha latte in the summer – my body doesn’t crave the caffeine how it used to when I wasn’t in tune with my natural circadian rhythm

Eating More Fish

It’s almost as if my body knows the second it hits 75 degrees. I immediately start craving fish. While I love a good grilled or pan seared fish – a lot of the time in the summer I opt for raw fish. Sashimi, ceviche or a cold octopus salad are some of my go-to’s.

Lots of Fruit

Speaking of bodily cravings – I can’t get enough fruit. I love all of the summer fruits that are in season so I’m definitely not complaining! I’ve been eating a few servings of fruit every day and my body feels great. So, I plan to keep that up through the summer.

Not Using the Air Conditioning

When this started to hint into my intuition, I really didn’t believe it. I used to always joke that the most American thing about me is my AirCon usage. In past years I would set my AirCon to around 60 to go to sleep and would have issues falling asleep if it were above 68 in the room.

However, when April rolled around and it started to get to upper 60’s, low 70’s in my bedroom – I didn’t put the AirCon on. Now it’s the end of June and I still haven’t caved. I’m not sure what shift I had in my body, but I don’t feel that I need it anymore. I’m also wary of it, now. I have started to wonder if it’s contributed to past imbalances in my bodily health/sleep schedule, etc.  

More Time in the Sun

I’ve mentioned some sun-time as something to support my mind, body, and soul through every season. Sunlight is important whether we’re in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. However, I’m prioritizing my sun-time this summer more than ever. New studies are suggesting that our bodies can store Vitamin D that we absorb in the summer. This may be able to help us avoid Vitamin D deficiency in the winter.

Vitamin D deficiencies have been known to cause health issues such as: “obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis and neuro-degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease”. Vitamin D deficiencies “may even contribute to the development of cancers, especially breast, prostate, and colon cancers.” There has also been a noted connection between depression and vitamin D deficiencies.

It’s safe to say that sunlight is important. From laying out in the afternoon sun by the sea, to catching some evening sun rays poolside – I’m prioritizing my sun this summer.

Things I’m Doing this Summer to Support my Soul

Tending to our soul is something that’s so important as humans, yet something we so often neglect. As I mentioned earlier, our mind, body and soul are all intertwined. As such, tending to one – tends to the others. Many of the things listed above to tend to my mind/body will also, naturally, tend to my soul. However, when it comes to activities to tend to my soul – I like to think of them less as “habits and routines” (as I do with tending to my mind/body). Instead, thinking of them more as “things I do for joy”. It’s great if the below listed activities happen to tend to my mind/body. But, tending to my soul isn’t something to “check off a list”! Soul maintenance, for me, is about ensuring I find time for peace, happiness, and pleasure in my life. 

Swimming in The Ocean

Swimming was one of my favorite things to do as a child. Baby Jackie would be in the water for hours! As an adult, I like to tend to my inner child by tapping into the things I liked to do as a child. 

The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized how the sea or ocean water is so therapeutic. I plan to spend some time swimming in the ocean every week this summer. I find it to be healing and relaxing and it doesn’t hurt that a nice tan is a by-product of some time in the ocean.

Spending More Time at the Beach

Piggybacking off of swimming in the ocean.. I plan to spend more time at the beach, in general, this summer. I love how much space there is at the beach. It’s so grounding to sit along the shore and breathe deeply into as far as the eye can see. 

More Kundalini Yoga

I mentioned that Kundalini was something I was committing to weekly this past Spring. As summer rolls around – I’m adding an extra practice or two a week into my repertoire. This practice has been amazing for my soul growth. I come out of the class feeling energized, recharged, and restored. 


Spending time in the garden is one of my favorite ways to connect to nature. There’s something so special about growing and tending to the food you eat with your own hands. My soul *SHINES* in the garden. You can keep up with my summer gardening in this Twitter thread: 

Morning Time in the Sun

There’s something particularly special about the morning sun for my soul. Some morning mindfulness activities like meditating, grounding, or journaling seem to always be enhanced by the morning sun. Moving from Spring to Summer – I try to go outside as the sun rises as often as possible. 

I’m excited to go into summer! It is, after all, my favorite season. I can’t wait to see how things shift as I support my mind, body and soul this summer. Are there any specific things you’re planning to do to support your mind, body and soul this summer season?

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