The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Holistic It Girl™

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You know that certain someone in your life who’s all about living an organic, holistic lifestyle without crunchy neurosis aspect about it? She’s the Holistic It Girl™. She effortlessly blends a boho-chic vibe with a sleek, ‘It Girl’ aesthetic. Choosing clean, mindful living is second nature to her, making her effortlessly cool. If you’re wracking your brain over what to get this trendy, organic glamazon for the holidays, fear not. I’ve got your back with the ultimate gift guide for the Holistic It Girl™.

As a reminder: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! Any claims in this article are based on my personal experience and research. Please read my full medical disclaimer before engaging with my content or anecdotes. Also, as a reminder, this post contains affiliate links to certain products and I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!) if you make a purchase based off of my suggestions. 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Holistic It Girl™

Natural Hair Care

The Holistic It Girl™ in your life is definitely not using haircare that is full of sulfates, silicons, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances or worse. These natural haircare products are some of the highest rated on the market! I’ve been using the Viori rice shampoo and conditioner bars for almost a year now and my hair has literally never been healthier! I can’t wait to try out their new purple shampoo bar. I also sourced some natural dry-shampoos below:

Tallow Balm

I’ve been using botanical tallow balm from 31-12 for well over a year now and my skin adores it. I’ve *never* in my life received more compliments on my skin, either! Recently I went out to dinner with some friends I haven’t seen in a few months and I got not one, not two, not three but FOUR compliments on my glow-y skin. Two of my friends even asked for the makeup I was using. But, I wasn’t wearing any face makeup! I just applied tallow balm over a serum (after showering and using a witch hazel toner). I very highly recommend snagging some botanical tallow balm for the Holistic It Girl™ in your life.

Something Shimmery + Chanel

Any Holistic It Girl™ knows that life is about ~balance~. While we strive to have clean skincare routines – we aren’t crunchy about it. We also definitely don’t freak out about “toxin exposure” because we trust our bodies. Aiming for an 80/20 lifestyle with 80% clean, pure, organic and non-toxic leaves 20% room for shimmering Chanel highlighters.

Other Natural Skincare

I’ve been leaning more and more on natural and organic skincare and I don’t find it coincidental that my skin is the best it’s ever been. Any Holistic It Girl™ would prefer their skincare in glass (reducing personal exposure to plastic but also being mindful of Mother Earth!). However, there are some products (like the Aleavia skincare line) that come in plastic that are just too good to skip over. Can we get some products in glass, @Aleavia?!?!

100% Organic Cotton Athleisure and Loungewear

The Holistic It Girl™ doesn’t wear your typical leggings. She knows Lululemon and the like are full of harmful PFA’S that have been linked to cancer. Snag the Holistic It Girl™ some 100% organic cotton leggings, athleisure and loungewear.

Luxe Bedding

The Holistic It Girl™ in your life certainly isn’t sleeping on polyester sheets. From organic cotton bedsheets to European linen duvet covers to mulberry silk sheet sets to organic sateen – luxe bedding is the way to go when shopping for the Holistic It Girl™.

Silk Sleep Accesories

Sleeping on silk pillowcases or with her hair wrapped in a silk turban/bonnet is one of the most natural ways for the Holistic It Girl™ to protect her hair.

I’ve been using this one for a few months and I love it. It’s almost always on sale, also! I like that its double sided so that I can reverse it after about a week of wearing it which extends the time in between washes. I’m also OBSESSED with the “Portofino” print on this one (listed first just below) and it would be great to pair with one of the “Positano” tote I listed below.

As I was drafting this article I found a 100% mulberry silk bonnet for only $20. It looked FREAKISHLY like the one I listed above that I’ve been using for a few months. So, naturally, I ordered it. And it’s legit!! This listing only is only in stock in three colors (and two of them are shades of pink). I don’t know how long it will last so get it while you can because you won’t find a 100% mulberry silk bonnet this affordable for long!

Toxic-Free, Ceramic, Non-Stick Cookware

A Holistic It Girl™ wouldn’t be caught dead using teflon. However, she might low-key obsess over this toxic-free, ceramic, non-stick cookware. Personally, I’d want the monochrome dark green or the black with the gold hardware but any set would suit the Holistic It Girl™ – there’s heaps of colors and individual pieces for you to check out!

Teapots and Steepers, Moka Pots + More

The Holistic It Girl™ romanticizes her life, including the art of making a beverage. She certainly isn’t running boiling water through a plastic K-cup in a plastic machine for her morning coffee. Get her a new tea kettle, French press or Moka pot (bonus points if you splurge for the D&G Moka pot/sets).

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha

First and foremost: make sure the matcha is organic. But, then, also get some cute ceramic bowl matcha sets with a little bamboo whisk.

Trendy Sunnies

While the Holistic It Girl™ knows that she shouldn’t wear sunnies all the time ~ she does like to make a bold statement from time to time. As a sidetone: I’d love to see any of these under my Christmas tree this year.😅

Monogrammed Leather Travel Accessories

Any Holistic It Girl™ knows that leather accessories are way better for the earth than vegan leather (read: PLASTIC !!) accessories. A leather train case, travel jewelry case or passport holder is a cute gift to give but having it monogrammed makes it personal and special. All of the below items can be custom made.

A Cotton Tote (That Pays Homage to Italy, Of Course)

If you know me, you know my love for Italy runs deep. Italy has impacted my entire life (in all the good ways possible). You can read about some of the life lessons Italy taught me as you choose which Italy inspired tote to snag for the Holistic It Girl™ in your life. Bonus points if you take her to the Amalfi Coast to use it.

Luxe Silk Sleepwear

From red La Perla silk robes (literally stunning) to silk with lace trim to silky pajama sets – some luxe silk sleepwear will make any Holistic It Girl™ happy. Here are some silk sleepwear finds:

Everything to Make Organic, Gut Friendly Gummies

Making your own gummies (and playing around with flavors and blends with different benefits) is something all the Holistic It Girl™’s are doing this season. Get the Holistic It Girl™ in your life everything she needs to start blending her own collagen packed gummies, including an EU certified organic grass-fed gelatin (!!) powder. I’ve also included some of my other favorite powders to add into gummies below.

Raw + Manuka Honey

Raw honey is a staple in any Holistic It Girl™s pantry… Manuka honey is like raw honey but on steroids.

From taking it topically to mixing it into skincare – the Holistic It Girl has a need for both raw honey or Manuka honey.

I like to source Manuka honey directly from New Zealand like this listing. If you’re looking to snag this for the holidays you want to order it with time for shipping. I prefer to buy Manuka honey in a glass jar – which is hard to find on Amazon. But! This listing has a cute two-glass jar set with really pretty packaging. Sourcing local raw, unheated honey is best, however, I also found a few true raw honey listings (linked below).

Breakfast in Bed Setup

The Holistic It Girl™ loves slowing down and romanticizing the everyday. And who doesn’t love breakfast in bed?

Elevating and romanticizing the everyday has never looked better.

Designer Leather Handbags

Personally, I believe every Holistic It Girl™ needs a bracelet bag. I’m legit obsessed with the concept of it. I am also obsessed with this bag that blends all the best of natural fabrics: leather, cotton and linen. I’ve also listed a few other leather designer handbags below.

Leather Handbags Under $250

While designer leather handbags aren’t in everyones budget – that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get the Holistic It Girl™ in your life a trendy, leather handbag. Many of the bags below come in multiple colors and some of them are designer, as well!

Silk Scarves

If the Holistic It Girl™ on your list is into Tarot or Astrology (or both) – you’ll definitely want to check out some of these silk scarves. The floral and seashell pattern scarves are adorable but the astrology pattern scarf and tarot pattern scarves (there are two separate listings for them) are super unique!

Leather Boots

I don’t care that they’re not “new” – the Chloe Susanna boots will always be on my “it girl” list of must have leather boots. The leather boots below are also perfect for any Holistic It Girl™.

Everything Cashmere

Cute winter accessories made from (natural!) soft cashmere will make any Holistic It Girl™ happy. Check out some of the cashmere accessories below:

There are so many great cashmere accessories and finds! This pair of gloves comes in five different colors and is less than $30! And this cashmere scarf comes in TEN colors! But I think the best deal of all is this cashmere poncho that comes in over THIRTY (!!!) colors and is under $55!

Cashmere sweaters are a great gift for the Holistic It Girl. I love this cashmere turtleneck, it comes in 10 different colors and is under $70. Here are some other cashmere sweaters (they all come in multiple colors, some as many as 21 colors!):

No shade to the above cashmere sweaters – I love a classic look and have sweaters that could dupe legit all of the above. But, the Holistic It Girl might want some cashmere that’s just a little more. Here are some that are a little extra:

Lastly in cashmere: some cashmere lounge sets and joggers. Because we’re being extra already anyway.

Trendy Hats

Most of the below hats are merino wool, something any Holistic It Girl™ would appreciate. But the best part of the below selection are the unique accents.

Glass Tumbler

Tumblers are super trendy right now. But, the Holistic It Girl™ likes to drink her beverages from glass. The solution? A glass tumbler, of course.

Organic Body Oils

Especially if it’s winter – if you’re looking for something to get the Holistic It Girl™ in your life, consider organic oils (in glass bottles, obv).

Red Light Therapy for Body/Face

Piggybacking on “especially if it’s winter” – red light therapy is a great gift for the Holistic It Girl™. There are heaps of different types of red light therapy devices. Below you’ll find red light therapy for the entire room, for individual body parts and regeneration of the body as well as facial red-light therapy to help regenerate the skin of the face.

Facial + Beauty Devices

There are now heaps of devices that incorporate red light therapy, electromagnetic currents and so much for the face. From cleaning pores to eliminating fine lines to rejuvenation to sculpting and cleansing and so much more… here are some facial and beauty devices for the Holistic It Girl™.

All Birds

I’ve had two pairs of All Birds for over four years each and they both look brand new still. Not because I’ve babied them or was super cautious with them. But, because they’re made out of wool and are 100% washable! These sneakers are super comfy, super sustainable and also really cute. They don’t do half sizes so I suggest sizing up if you’re an in between size.

Beeswax Candles

Any Holistic It Girl™ will love to light a candle to create a ~vibe~. But did you know there are actually benefits to burning beeswax candles as opposed to soy or other candles? You can read about them in this twitter post:

I love to support different sellers on Etsy and shop their beeswax candles (the first three images below). However, if you’re on a time constraint or just *really* want to make the most of your prime membership.. the last two images below are Amazon listings for beeswax candles.

Literally Anything from The Ordinary

The Ordinary is known for their “Clinical formulations with integrity”. They focus on functional beauty, with integrity, something that is rare in the beauty industry. Not only are their products innovative but their price points are outstanding. I’ve been obsessed with the AHA + BHA Exfoliating Peeling Serum for a while now. And recently, when traveling abroad, the Depuffing Eye Serum with Caffeine was a lifesaver. However, you can’t go wrong with literally anything from the Ordinary. There’s even a few gift-sets listed below and The Ordinary is also available at Target now so you literally have zero excuses here.

A Little (or big) Something Gucci

Last but certainly not least – get your Holistic It Girl™ something from Gucci. You can also order her a Panettone (or any of the other holiday gifts) from Gucci Osteria. Or, better yet, take her to Gucci Osteria in Firenze (Florence, Italy) to dine there together.

Are you a Holistic It Girl™? I’d love to know what you have on your wish lists! Drop a comment below if you think I missed something absolutely necessary here.

Sharing is good karma!


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